British School Jakarta Promotes Water Activities to Boost Students' Learning Experience

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- British School Jakarta (BSJ) has unveiled a new play-based program in its Kindergarten called Splash and Play in an attempt to stimulate students' multi-sensory exploration through a range of water play sessions. Held on a weekly basis, the programme allows children to play and explore within the school's bespoke and interactive water play area.

The Splash and Play's latest water play area in British School Jakarta
The Splash and Play's latest water play area in British School Jakarta

"Water play will foster preschoolers' learning in multiple areas, from science, math, physical coordination, social and emotional development. Fun and interactive water play will also boost the students' interest in continuing with this type of learning experience throughout their Kindergarten years," said Shane Nathan, BSJ Head of Primary. 

BSJ's Splash and Play runs between 1.45 pm and 2.45 pm every Wednesday. During the session, children are exposed to a wide variety of aqua activities that can be chosen according to their interests. They include fun water games with physical equipment and soft play areas, as well as experiential water-based craft activities.

Mr. Nathan added, "Completing the fun water challenges, children will learn how to run and dodge the tumbling bucket waters or hop around the water jet sprays. Through this, children will develop important motor skills to help them gain strength and confidence in their body. Children will also learn how to manage their thoughts and emotions every time they're trying to overcome certain obstacles during the games."

BSJ Assistant Head of Student Wellbeing, Laura Crossland, explained, "We also add a creative twist on the water play sessions, in which children are allowed to widen their sensory experience as they put their hands to different textures. Mixing colors in water, children will boost their creative thinking in simple science. Also, by using physical materials such as sponges, bottles, and water balloons, they become aware of their senses and emotions when pouring, squirting, scrubbing, and squeezing." 

In each Splash and Play session, children will be accompanied by their parents, giving opportunities for parents to cultivate new connections and share experiences of children's first learning development.

About British School Jakarta:

British School Jakarta (BSJ) has long enjoyed a reputation as an excellent launchpad for children wishing to attend top universities around the world. Founded in 1974, BSJ has educated a community of over 50 nationalities in Indonesia, consistently sending its students to the best universities around the world, including the USA's Ivy League universities and the UK's Russell Group.

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