BuzzAR sets up its IRL Pop Up Metaverse island wide in Singapore

2022-10-05 08:15 3871

SINGAPORE, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- After its acclaimed London debut, BuzzAR has rolled out its island-wide "Pop-Up Metaverse" in real life (IRL) at different spots across Singapore, including universities and premium locations such as Ten Square, Landmark of Good, Scape at Orchard Link, and Pick & Go at NUS.

Hundreds of people visit various spots in Singapore to experience the IRL Pop-Up Metaverse. The company's immediate goal is to scale it to 100 Pop-Up Metaverse locations within weeks and bring more metaverse experiences to people in person.

BuzzAR partnered with various visionary companies to champion its World's First Face-to-Avatar experience on big billboards. Students, adults, families, corporations, brands, and venue owners co-create the Pop-Up Metaverse experience and receive co-branding benefits.

Credit: BuzzAR’s collab with Ten Square, Landmark of Good
Credit: BuzzAR’s collab with Ten Square, Landmark of Good

The facility is now open to anyone who wants to get their avatar experience in person, and it has quickly gained popularity amongst all walks of life, with some tagging it as the "new age of family photo".

BuzzAR, one of the local startups participating in the Season 4 IMDA/PDPC accelerator supported by Meta, is working on consent in the Metaverse. Users can provide hand gestures such as "thumb up" in front of the screen to get their avatar photo; its proprietary AI Computer Vision technology will create avatars in real-time IRL.

This proprietary technology does not require any use of mobile phones, users simply have to turn up at different locations. They will see their avatars superimposed on the display screen.

Following that, users can lift their mobile phone to snap a photo or scan a QR code to get their digital avatar photo. Further, users can customise their avatars using BuzzAR upcoming mobile app. BuzzAR team also will launch the "Buzz of the Week" campaign, in which the team curates and highlights the most innovative avatars at various partner locations.

Launching the core product IRL has attracted leading telco partners, airlines, malls, brands, and venue owners to join the mission of democratising the metaverse's accessibility issues.

While millions of people go virtual every day, some do not know where to start and how to enter. BuzzAR is determined to close the gap by providing more real-life touchpoints for businesses to reach more people.

"This is the World's First IRL innovation that will fast-track global users adoption and allow millions to enter the metaverse, BuzzAR user base is experiencing massive growth after the launch of the Pop Up Metaverse as people turn up offline and online to create their avatar," said Bell Beh, co-founder of BuzzAR.

The company, which increased its revenue last fiscal year by eight times, continues to launch more IRL metaverse experiences as its unique differentiation.


For more information, sign up here to advertise and co-create the next avatar experience. Please contact Bell Beh at (interviews or comments can be provided upon request).

Source: BuzzAR