By Philocali, A Singapore's Homegrown Beauty Brand, Innovates with A Hassle-Free Skin Care Solution

It introduces the highly-anticipated 'holy grail of beauty' to simplify the complex steps of skincare.
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SINGAPORE, Aug. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In the glorious spirit of National Day, a Singapore's homegrown beauty brand, By Philocali, is paying tribute to skincare lovers from all walks of life by offering a special promotion for their revolutionary product. Designed to tackle multiple skin concerns, By Philocali's Liquid Masque combines the latest technology with the best sourced ingredients and a versatile skin care solution.

"The hustle and bustle of city life is often correlated with multiple roles people need to take part in their everyday lives. The lack of sleep, high stress situation, exposure to free radicals, as well as Singapore's hot and humid weather can cause visible damages to the skin. This triggered us to create Liquid Masque as a revolutionary solution to help streamline the time-consuming beauty routine for a healthier, younger-looking and glowing skin," said Jolyn Fong, Co-founder of By Philocali.

By Philocali's Liquid Masque is a multi-functional facial spray that not only replaces the traditional or sheet masks, but also has many other benefits beyond the conventional mask. It contains both toner essences and moisturising essences to promote a younger, healthy glowing skin in a single step.

A key ingredient in Liquid Masque is the collagen super peptide that is derived from milkfish, which is a powerful source of collagen. Combined with other supporting ingredients, Liquid Masque becomes a forefront invention in promoting anti-aging and skin repair. Considered as the best source of collagen to date, the milkfish scale is scientifically proven to have the closest structural composition to the human body, so that it is easily absorbed by human tissues. It brightens and strengthens the skin, promotes skin elasticity, and hydrates retention in addition to its anti-aging benefits.

Liquid Masque also acts as a star player that helps tighten the pores, reduce fine lines, and lift sagging skin. The skin absorbs quickly in no more than five seconds; and with its powerful ingredients, a collagen membrane is formed within eight seconds.

"We aim to break the typically cumbersome 'more is more' approach to skincare that is currently the norm. Fifteen seconds is all you need to spray our product evenly to the face and neck to get the benefit of a masking, moisturizer, toner, and makeup setter in one go. No fuss – simple, and convenient, making it a perfect boost to achieve a flawless complexion in between meetings and before travel," added Jolyn.

Another major benefit of Liquid Masque is to prevent "maskne" by forming a membrane that helps to protect dirt from entering the pores. This membrane also helps regulate the skin's sebum production, an excess of which is the main contributor to the formation of acne. This all-in-one go-to product is also enriched with Bearberry, Yuzu Junos fruit extract, Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract, and Allantoin as active ingredients.

Celebrating National Day, Liquid Masque can be obtained at a discounted price on By Philocali's website during the period of 9th to 12th of August with a promo code "SG56" at $98 (original price $129).

About By Philocali

Dedicated in breaking the norm of one's hectic lifestyle, By Philocali believes beauty is not a chore but a leisure. Driven by the ever-evolving need of modern women to achieve their beauty goal while keeping up with the pace of life, By Philocali combines cutting-edge technology with the finest ingredients to create revolutionary innovations in beauty.

By Philocali's values healthy skin as a worthy investment for life, and therefore will always strive to empower women with their innovative products.

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