CDS Redefines Multi-Vendor Services for Data Centers with New Raytrix MVS Platform

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2021-01-26 22:00 2437

Advanced Technology, Globally Deployed Engineering Teams Empower Partners & Customers to 'Own the Data Center'

EATONTOWN, New Jersey, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CDS, the leading provider of multi-vendor services (MVS) for data centers worldwide, today unveiled its new Raytrix MVS platform, a comprehensive set of capabilities that extend the useful life of storage, server and network infrastructure running mission-critical workloads in hybrid cloud environments. CDS partners with the leading data center infrastructure providers to deliver MVS on a global basis.

With a new leadership team under CEO Daniel Newton and a bold new brand identity under the tagline "Own the Data Center," CDS is distinguishing itself from prevalent third-party maintenance (TPM) practices by strongly committing to a partner-first approach that is reinforced by decades of relationships with the world's leading digital infrastructure providers. Embracing its collaborative role with partners -- the largest server, storage and networking providers -- CDS is investing in the technology and expertise needed to support a wide range of the most popular hardware platforms with an array of services that help customers unlock and reposition budgets for their modernization and cloud transformation initiatives.

Newton, who became CEO of CDS in early 2020, said, "The world's leading digital infrastructure providers are partnering with enterprise customers to determine the most beneficial paths forward for their multi-vendor environments. Whether the answer is upgrading to more advanced, efficient technologies or introducing approaches that lengthen the useful life of existing infrastructure while unlocking budget for new initiatives, these OEMs need partners they can trust to help them deliver complete experiences without worrying about competing for future business in those same accounts."

Mark Peters, Principal Analyst and Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), said, "In enterprises worldwide, the ambition of digital transformation is all-too-often constrained by the realities of budget pressure and talent scarcity. Therefore, as application workloads increasingly transition to hybrid cloud solutions, the importance of extending the value of data center investments – both now and over time – to enable that change has intensified. By investing in engineering talent and technologies to support a wide range of infrastructure products, CDS is a reliable global partner to the major storage, compute and network vendors as they jointly add that prerequisite value to their customers' data centers, and thus help release those constraints on the promise of digital transformation."

Sean Kessler, Vice President of Hosting for ITelagen, a leading managed services organization for EHR (electronic health records), said, "Our customers trust ITelagen with their most important applications and data, and we trust CDS to support our high-end storage systems and mission-critical workloads. CDS has the expertise, talent and dedication we need to keep everything running and ensure we have the efficiency we need to maximize our investments."

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About CDS
CDS is  the leading provider of multi-vendor services (MVS) for data centers worldwide. Its Raytrix MVS software platform offers a range of mission-critical data center hardware maintenance and support for high-end storage, server and network equipment. CDS offers post-warranty support services through OEMs and channel partners, servicing a diversified customer base throughout the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Japan. The company's maintenance and support services are designed to extend the useful life of its clients' IT infrastructure, further increasing return on investment for these systems. CDS employs highly skilled, industry-certified engineers and dedicated account managers globally. Partnering with the leading data center infrastructure providers to deliver MVS on a global basis, CDS is assisting more than 700 customers in 45 countries to unlock spend in the data center across enterprise IT infrastructure with diverse maintenance needs and cost containment requirements.

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