Cedrus Investments' Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas Invited to Speak at the 121 Oil & Gas Investment Conference in Hong Kong on the Belt & Road Initiative

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HONG KONG, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chairman of Cedrus Investments ("Cedrus"), Mr. Rani Jarkas, is invited to speak at the 121 Oil & Gas Investment conference to be held on 2nd - 3rd May 2018 in Hong Kong.  The event has been served as a platform for leading energy companies and sophisticated investors worldwide to network and interact, thus potentially creating more investment and development opportunities for all participants alike.

Mr. Jarkas will be sharing with executives of participating oil & gas companies as well as elite investors his thoughts on investment opportunities pertaining to China's Belt and Road initiative, aiming at exploiting new regional focuses in addition to broader markets where oil & gas companies and investors could collaborate to incentivize further growth in the oil & gas industry overall.

Mr. Jarkas said, "The Belt and Road Initiative direct oil & gas companies and investors to a new geographical area for investment and helps form a link among countries in the region based on oil & gas development.  Through the combination of incoming capital and technology with local resources, vast investment opportunities could be created to invigorate and further upgrade the oil & gas industry in that area, and likely bring considerable financial benefits to involved companies and investors, especially when many countries along the ancient Silk Road routes are abundant with oil and gas reserves.  What Cedrus has been doing is to assist industry participants to identify the potentially most-rewarding investment opportunities based on our local knowledge and network accumulated through continued involvement in projects in Belt and Road countries as well as our deep industry expertise."

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