Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Vietnam's Leading IT Services Company wants to become the global leader in Digital Transformation

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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- FPT, the largest IT services company in Vietnam was chosen as the Digital Transformation service provider on Carlsberg's Manufacturing Execution System (MES), helping Carlsberg to optimize the manufacturing process and maximize production output. The company expects to become one of the global leaders in digital transformation services.

Airbus and FPT signed MOU of digital transformation
Airbus and FPT signed MOU of digital transformation

Corporate digital transformation has been an up ticking trend over recent years, and this is forecasted to grow at a rate of more than 18% by 2025 to become a US$2,279.4 Billion-dollar global industry. Thanks to the growth of the digital transformation sector, the software export sector of FPT will maintain a growth rate of 25-35% over the next five years and account for 50% of total revenue.

Client Successes

One of FPT's initiatives to achieve its goal, is the development of partnerships with strategic international clients to jointly develop IoT platforms and smart factories. Partnership programs have also been demonstrably successful, with collaborations between FPT and General Electric -- in developing Internet industry on the GE Predix platform; and with Siemens -- in joining forces to push forward the Expansion in MindSphere.

One such client is a multinational healthcare service & device company headquartered in the USA. The platform provided by FPT allows patients to access, trackand manage their assessments, monitor their schedules and input dosage data. The solutions effectively enhanced the client's business strategy and value offering.

With their Coca Cola partnership, FPT offered the appropriate digital solutions to promote Coca Cola Vietnam's production. "FPT is supporting many enterprises in the digital transformation. We believe that with its expertise in technology, FPT will help Vietnam's digital transformation process be faster and more efficient," said Tiffani Sassei, Director of Global Technology Coca-Cola's information.

Developing Future Leaders

To ensure a highly motivated team, peak performance and to develop world-class leaders, FPT invests heavily in its people at all levels. FPT possesses the largest software human resource pool in Vietnam. This gives us the agility to take on any project challenge -- small, medium or large. The young engineers, with a median age of just 27, can communicate in English, Japanese, French as well as other languages, are eager to learn and can quickly adapt to clients' processes and own the large number of certificates on the latest IoT platforms such as AWS (500 certificates), GE Predix (200 Certificates), Skywise (40 certificates), MindSphere (200 certificates).

FPT co-operates closely with a host of reputable domestic and overseas universities and leverages the best from its very own 'FPT University'. FPT University, the first corporately-owned university in Vietnam, is expected to be an important base for FPT's talent pool and serves as the cradle for intermediate and senior technical professionals. The company has introduced digital transformation and AI into training programsat FPT University and other universities across Vietnam.

As the leading IT services company in Vietnam, listed in The Outsourcing Global 100 of IAOP,and with the experience of the past 30 years, FPT has established its expertise in big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and digital transformation not only in Vietnam, but across the entire region.These initiatives all form part of a greater ecosystem aimed at connecting clients with FPT and its many subsidiaries. This approach combines business acumen with technological expertise to accelerate the passage from idea to implementation of total digital transformations. As Vietnam rises through the ranks of the emerging markets, FPT will continue to help customers along their digital transformation journeys.

About FPT

Established on September 13, 1988, FPT has been a pioneer in IT and telecommunications for 30 years, bridging the world of technology to Vietnamand putting Vietnamese technology intelligence on the world map.

Nowadays FPT is a leading IT services company and a groundbreaker in the field of research and the development of new technologies. The company partners with dominant corporations such as General Electric, Siemens, Amazon, and Airbus to create the most advanced technology revolutionary platform of the 4.0 industrial revolution. Currently, FPT is the largest private sector ICT enterprises in Vietnam, with more than 33,000 employees in 33 countries and territories, earning nearly 44,000 billion VND a year.


Source: FPT Corporation
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