CEOs Pessimistic About Revenue and Economic Growth, GLG Survey Finds

2023-01-27 00:08 3163

GLG releases its fourth annual global CEO Survey, with findings highlighting executives' concerns about geopolitical uncertainty, recession, and inflation

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GLG, the world's insight network, today released the findings of its fourth annual global CEO survey, which asked more than 450 CEOs around the world about the economic impacts of 2022 and their priorities and outlooks for the year ahead. The survey found that CEOs expect continued challenges throughout 2023: only 46% are confident that their company's revenue will grow over the next year, while just 17% expect global economic growth to increase (compared to 71% of respondents heading into 2022).

Geopolitical uncertainty and economic headwinds were among the survey's key themes. Nearly 90% of CEOs ranked the former as a top concern, fueled in large part by Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. More than 80% of CEOs expect global recession and inflation to be top factors impacting businesses in 2023.

"Many of the challenges of the past year are expected to continue into 2023, and CEOs are strategizing accordingly," said GLG CEO Paul Todd. "As businesses navigate rate hikes, market volatility, talent acquisition and retention, and more, GLG is standing by to provide timely insights and critical perspectives."

The survey also features takeaways from CEOs on the labor market, return to office, investment forecasts, and corporate social responsibility, among other subjects.

"By digging into the perspectives of almost 500 CEOs, this survey reveals not only where business leaders align, but also where their outlooks differ," said GLG Head of Network Membership Nick Barnard. "The CEO Survey is one small example of GLG's ability to canvas senior B2B populations for surveys – whether they're CTOs, medical lab technicians, or industrial procurement managers. GLG Surveys, especially layered on 1:1 conversations, power more informed decisions for investors and companies alike."

For 25 years, GLG has brought decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead. GLG Surveys help clients meet their research objectives using the world's most diverse source of senior B2B expertise, including the perspectives of CEOs and other executives across industries and geographies.

The GLG Surveys team conducted the study in November 2022. Access the full report here.

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