CGSC Hosted the First Cambridge Round-table Conference on Economy of Goodness

Centre for Goodness Studies, China (CGSC)
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CAMBRIDGE, England, April 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- To promote economic goodness and explore how to construct enterprises of goodness in China, the Centre for Goodness Studies, China (CGSC) hosted the first round-table conference on economy of goodness at Murray Edwards College, the University of Cambridge from April 3rd to 8th. The conference consisted of two stages – the programme on economy of goodness and a symposium regarding relevant discussions.

During the programme, prestigious scholars and experienced entrepreneurs – Prof. Rey Sheng Her, Prof. Richard Gombrich, Vincent Shen, Joe Hsueh – gave talks on economy of goodness from different aspects such as management, technology and philanthropy. In the symposium, representatives of enterprises of goodness worldwide shared their own experience of running business and were altogether involved in discussions on the future of economy of goodness.

The chief advisor of CGSC, Prof. Her – currently a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford – emphasised that the core belief, value-based leadership, the concept of altruism and collaborative strategy are the cornerstones of business sustainable development. Citing the cases of Steve Jobs and Ma Yun, he further demonstrated that to be altruistic will better serve ourselves.

All the delegates, after heated discussions, arrived at a consensus that goodness studies should be a milestone in the development process of human civilisation. At the end of the conference, they all obtained certificates for their successful attendance and became "noble men" of CGSC. With an expectation of being practitioners and pioneers in this field, they signed the Joint Declaration and promised to undertake the mission of promoting goodness studies.

About CGSC:

CGSC aims to study and promote the theory of goodness and support the practice in this field. With a strong team of scholars from universities worldwide, CGSC proposed and developed its core value systems from ten aspects, namely economy, culture, education, life, philanthropy, governance, environment, technology, art and communication.

The concept of "Economy of Goodness" encourages more diversity and broad coverage of business ethics issues. By combining online and offline interactions, CGSC aims to build an open platform for entrepreneurs of goodness to enhance their strategies and methods of business management through collective dialogue and collaboration, which also promotes their unity. The formation of such a network will strengthen mutual support among entrepreneurs from different industries, thereby fostering the birth of more enterprises of goodness.

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Source: Centre for Goodness Studies, China (CGSC)
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