China Eastern Airlines, along with Galor and Miss Italy, Show Travelers around China's Futuristic Mega Airport

China Eastern Airlines
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BEIJING, Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- China Eastern Airlines and Miss Italy recently accompanied Israeli internet celebrity Galor on a tour of China's Beijing Daxing International Airport. The new airport has become a global tourist attraction soon after it opened to traffic on Sept. 25 this year, and Galor, an internet celebrity from Israel in China, is one of the trend followers who couldn't wait to explore the mega futuristic aviation hub.

Galor recorded his visit to the Daxing International Airport in a Vlog, and it soon became a sensation on Chinese internet, attracting huge numbers of his followers to visit the airport.

In the video, the Israeli is shown around by Miss Italy of the 49th Miss All Nations, Giada Pulcinelli, who has worked for China Eastern Airlines for 3 years, and is totally astonished by this super impressive modern aviation facility.

He says this huge airport has the world's most complicated terminal construction. It covers an area of more than 27 square kilometers - equivalent to 63 Tiananmen Squares. The entire roof and ground are only connected by eight pillars, and no two pieces of glass among the thousands of pieces on the ceiling are the same.

Galor says such a design style has broken all conventional principles, hailing "this airport is so beautiful" that he almost forgot what he went there for.

The high technology applied at the mega airport is an emphasis of the Israeli in his Vlog. Under the guidance of Giada, Galor experienced the magical facial recognition technology of China Eastern Airlines by which passengers can scan their faces to check in and get all the information exactly in their phones.

This facial recognition technology has more functions - passengers can also use it to get their seat numbers and all information needed before boarding the planes.

In the Vlog, Giada also introduces Galor to an electronic baggage tag developed by China Eastern Airlines. The data sensing equipment at the airport's check-in counters will record all baggage information in just a few seconds, offering passengers smooth and more convenient travelling experiences.

At the gate of China Eastern Airlines' VIP lounge, Galor is welcomed by an attendant wearing facial-recognition glasses which Giada says can display all the information about the passengers. Such technology has perfectly turned passengers' faces into the passes to the VIP lounge.

"Technology is really changing our lives." That's what Galor says at the end of the video, explaining that the technologies and designs at the Daxing International Airport were never available before in any airport he's been to.


Source: China Eastern Airlines
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