China's CRRC and Australian Local Partners to Share International Day of Friendship

2020-07-24 16:11 2628

SYDNEY, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its 2019 Australian Corporate Social Responsibility Report, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) has committed to further extended ties with local industry players ahead of the United Nations International Day of Friendship on July 30th. The 25-page report looks at how the CRRC has been interacting with local communities and organizations; from organizing multi-cultural events, to establishing a harmonious multi-cultured working environment, CRRC also sets the role it wishes to continue to play into the future.

In being an international partner, CRRC understands the importance of localization and diversification. From front-line operations staff to key management personnel, the fusing of local knowledge and international expertise creates the ideal conditions for cultural exchange, as well as an open and accepting work environment. This has spearheaded recruitment efforts and resulted in around half of all employees being Aboriginal Australians. In addition, with much of the CRRC's operations being situated in rural locations, the company has put in considerable effort to actively encourage employing Australian indigenous peoples and is proud of their increasing role within the organization.

"Engaging with our local communities is essential to our success. We respect every employee and provide them with career development opportunities. Committed to creating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, we respect employees with different backgrounds. Our culture is based on an ethos of open communication and we promote wellbeing through targeted entertainment for our staff." Liu Hualong, Chairman of CRRC Corporation Limited. 

Creating a diverse ethnic culture is not only about sharing emotional bonds, but also about connecting new friendships within CRRC. The company takes deliberate measures to make actively sharing culture and fascination of modern rail transportation as a part of everyday work, in order to inspire young and talented people to make more friends through a love of photography and trains.

As a result of being locally-driven, CRRC has shown great care for its role in developing the community. In December 2019, the CRRC held the Australia Rail Transit Photography event to showcase the iconic nature of railways in developing Australia and, joined by Victorian Senator Bruce Atkinson, presented 16 photographers with a range of awards in front of a crowd of over 150 honoured guests. In total, 400 submissions were collected over 3 months, 70% of which came from Australians, and the top 50 were placed on exhibit in Melbourne Town Hall for locals to enjoy the "enviable visual feast, allowing people to rediscover the beauty of Australian rail transportation" said Shane Hulbert, Professor and Associate Dean of Photography at RMIT.

During the competition, a large forest fire broke out in Sydney and in response, Gao Kang - CRRC's Minister of Culture, decided to dedicate funds raised from the selling of artwork to the recovery efforts. These actions are symbolic of a company culture that promotes local identities, supports local causes and develops local communities.

Cooperation with local talent institutions is also an important part in building effective and longstanding relationships. The CRRC has long been a proponent of giving practical experience to talented individuals and has worked in collaboration with some of Australia's most renowned technical institutions: Melbourne University, Swinburne University and the University of NSW.

Talented electrical and mechatronics engineering students from these institutions have been invited to work on the Special Purpose Vehicle, Evolution Rail, alongside experts from CRRC to give them real technical work experience and future career opportunities. As well as this project, the CRRC looks to local universities for interns and regularly gives study tours to young people interested in engineering.

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