Chinese company Daddybaby applies for international PPE certification

Providing sustained support for global anti-epidemic action
Daddybaby Co. Ltd.
2020-05-19 14:55 628

FUZHOU, China, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Daddybaby Co. Ltd. has retooled its production lines and joined the fight to deliver more personal protective equipment (PPE) to the populations in many countries. As the daily number of COVID-19 infections in China has significantly dropped and the situation continues to improve, the measures for epidemic prevention and control have also been adjusted to a less stringent level, nevertheless, the situation in many other countries remains serious, requiring much attention. With their accumulation of experience in successfully battling the epidemic and the world's highest production capacity for medical supplies, many manufacturers in China have quickly adjusted their business models and started producing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and other protective clothing following the outbreak of COVID-19, providing strong support for fighting against the epidemic both in China and the rest of the globe.

In the last few months, Daddybaby has provided more than 30 million civilian masks to the people of China and donated over 2 million masks to people around the world. As the situation surrounding the prevention and ongoing control of the spread of the global epidemic remains tense, Daddybaby is applying for PPE certification in multiple countries in a move to provide high-quality masks that comply with China's national standards, while ensuring that the quality standards of importing countries and regions are met.

When China's Fujian province initiated the First Level Response to Major Public Health Emergencies at the beginning of the outbreak, Daddybaby immediately undertook a feasibility assessment for the changes to production and formally instituted the changes the very next day. As one of the first batch of quality mask suppliers approved by Guangzhou Inspection Testing and Certification Group (GTTC), Daddybaby's PPE conforms to China's production standard for KN95 Protective Mask for Civilian Grade (GB2626-2006). During both the early and the mid-to-late stages of the prevention and control of the epidemic, the company was constantly maximizing the production capacity of high-quality masks.

Currently, Daddybaby has three production lines making masks for civilian use, two for masks designated for students and one for medical masks. All six production lines are currently in operation, with a daily output of 4.5 million masks. Through the propriety R&D efforts coupled with the overall upgrade of Daddybaby's operations, the line can output 700-1100 masks per minute, ten times that of an ordinary production line. The company has applied for a patent protecting the technology. Daddybaby will keep taking steps to deliver the masks to the countries and regions in need as soon as possible and continuously support people around the globe to fight against the COVID-19.

Source: Daddybaby Co. Ltd.