Chinese liquor brand Fen Chiew sponsors Yabuli Youth Forum as a strong ambassador for Chinese traditional culture

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HONG KONG, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Innovation Annual Meeting of Yabuli Youth Forum 2019 was held at Hong Kong Connect Hall from June 14 to 15, 2019. Fen Chiew, the designated alcoholic beverage to accompany the banquet portion of the event, has received rave reviews from the attendees, all of whom were duly impressed by the brand's fen-flavor and its commitment to Chinese liquor culture.  

Chinese liquor brand Fen Chiew sponsors Yabuli Youth Forum as a strong ambassador for Chinese traditional culture
Chinese liquor brand Fen Chiew sponsors Yabuli Youth Forum as a strong ambassador for Chinese traditional culture

During the forum, Yang Bo, director and deputy general manager of Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Chiew Group, and Zhang Lei, chairman of Yabuli Youth Forum and founder and CEO of Hillhouse Capital, toasted the forum's participants.

"Yabuli Youth Forum is not only an important platform for in-depth exchanges of ideas among Chinese entrepreneurs, but also serves as a key stage for highlighting the pioneering spirit of new-age Chinese entrepreneurs," said the director, Mr. Yang, in his speech. "Today, the hosting of the forum at Hong Kong Connect Hall demonstrates the attention that Chinese entrepreneurs have given to as well as the expectations that they have for the dynamics of and a "new vision" for the Chinese economy, alongside the new opportunities that can arise as a result."

For Fen Chiew, Hong Kong is not only an important end point for its products but also a gateway to the international markets that lie beyond. Fen Chiew and Zhu Ye Qing Chiew, two famed Chinese traditional liquors, were first exported by Hong Kong's Wing Lee Wai to the world's markets in the early 19th century. Notably, Zhu Ye Qing Chiew caused a sensation in Hong Kong in 1980s.

Fen Chiew now returns to Hong Kong with its limited-edition Fen Chiew series specifically designed for international markets. The series has been highly acclaimed by individuals from all walks of life in Hong Kong since its launch in the SAR. As Mr. Yang stated, "Fen Chiew hopes to promote Chinese liquors and spirits to the world in tandem with Chinese traditional liquor culture by leveraging the region as a gateway to destinations all over the world."

Fen Chiew has left a profound mark on China's thousands of years of traditional culture, due to its long history, the lingering fragrance that remains in the mouth after the liquor has been swallowed as well as exquisite brewing technique. Du Mu, a renowned poet of the late Tang Dynasty, mentioned the liquor in his work:

"Is there a public house somewhere, cowboy?" He points at Apricot Village faraway.  

Fen Chiew expanded its presence within the region known at that time as Cathay (which is, geographically, roughly equivalent to today's China) and along the ancient Silk Road during the Ming and Qing dynasties by growing the distribution network. The liquor maker did so by promoting jinshang, a form of tribute given to  merchants from China's Shanxi region for their achievements in building China's commercial culture, further consolidating the leadership of China's liquor brewing craftsmanship.

From the ancient days characterized by the ringing of camel bells and the racehorses to today's rapidly changing world, when long-distance is no longer a barrier to building and maintaining relationships, Fen Chiew has viewed cultural communication as a core component of international expansion. Breakthroughs and innovations in culture have brought and will continue to bring great opportunities for the fen-flavor liquor brand. Culture should serve as a core strength for liquor makers, all of whom have become well-known thanks to their high-quality products.

With Fen Chiew culture as its strategic guide, Fen Chiew has operated under the philosophy that culture is a core competitiveness, creating an intensive cultural model by combining Fen Chiew culture, the creation of a brand with a unique identity and cultural marketing backed by a genuine and profound faith in the strength of one's own culture. The liquor brand has made unique contributions to China's liquor culture and even the various cultures that have grown up around the world's many well-known spirits and liquors.

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