CIMC Tianda Wins India's Single Largest State-Owned Airport Baggage System Order Worth 360 Million Yuan

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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, CIMC Tianda's subsidiary Pteris Global Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Pteris") won the baggage handling system project of the new terminal of Chennai International Airport, India, with a total contract amount of about 360 million yuan. It is reported that this project is currently India's single largest state-owned airport baggage system order, and is also the single biggest airport baggage handling system project obtained by Pteris to date.

Chennai International Airport Baggage Equipment Integrator
Chennai International Airport Baggage Equipment Integrator

50% Market Share, CIMC Tianda Reaches India's Largest Airport Baggage Equipment Integrator

It is understood that Chennai International Airport is the third largest airport in India and the main hub airport in southern India. It is located 7 kilometers south of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, India, and is owned and operated by the Airports Authority of India ("AAI"). In order to further enhance the intelligence level and efficiency of baggage transportation at Chennai International Airport, AAI has decided to open the global tender for outstanding suppliers.

"Most of India's airports are owned by the state. These state-owned airports are all operated and managed by AAI. AAI has always set strict standards for the bidding and review of all projects, and the bidding for the largest airport baggage handling system project in India is even more stringent. Each supplier's bidding documents must provide proof of all past projects it has done, including details of contract amount, customer name, contact person, contract execution time, project category, project specific parameters, company financial status, etc. In addition, all past projects information must be submitted together with the bidding documents and a bank guarantee for bidding. All required information is essential." Mr. Singaram Vairakkannu, Deputy General Manager of Pteris Singapore, said, "In the end, Pteris won the bid successfully with its strong comprehensive strength."

It is understood that Pteris is a world-renowned airport automation baggage equipment solution provider. As of now, it has completed more than 160 airport baggage handling system projects worldwide. In addition, Pteris is currently the largest airport baggage handling equipment integrator in the India market. Since 1997, Pteris has actively entered the baggage handling industry in India and participated in almost all the bidding projects of AAI. As of now, Pteris has approximately 50% of the entire airport baggage handling system market in India.

"Deeply cultivated in the Indian market for more than 20 years, Pteris has a good understanding of Chennai's local culture and business habits. In addition, it has successfully delivered hundreds of airport automated baggage system projects in the Indian market, including multiple Chennai Airport projects. These factors helped us to be fully prepared in order to win this mega project," said Mr. Singaram Vairakkannu.

Self-Developed Automated Baggage Handling System Leads the World, Favoured By Customers

Technically, Pteris' baggage handling systems use international cutting-edge control systems that meet the European Union's ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) and U.S. Transportation Safety Administration's safety standards for airport baggage handling equipment. "Due to the advanced automation control system independently developed by Pteris, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration invited Pteris to participate in the development of the next-generation standards for baggage handling system testing at U.S. airports," said Mr. Liu Xiaolong, Deputy Director of Engineering at Pteris Singapore.

It is understood that Pteris' automated control system is divided into LLC (equipment automated control system) and HLC (software automated control system). LLC mainly handles the communication and automatic control of each device in the baggage handling system through the programmable logic controller. Pteris has a set of standard user-defined program library and self-developed simulation software, which can fully simulate the actual equipment to test the normal operation of the entire baggage handling system equipment. The test accuracy is high and the time is short, which greatly reduces the testing time on airport site. On the HLC side, Pteris has developed a software platform called PALS, suitable for baggage handling systems of any size and complexity. PALS is a comprehensive baggage system management software platform that integrates system requirements simulation, program testing, baggage sorting, data analysis, monitoring and reporting. Through this platform, we can constantly control and manage the capacity, stability, and transportation routes of the overall baggage system.

"Taking Chennai Airport as an example, just recently, Pteris successfully passed the baggage handling system security test conducted by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration at the domestic and international terminals of Chennai Airport. AAI also recognizes Pteris' technical strength and Pteris providing more flexibility than its European competitors," said Mr. Liu Xiaolong.

It is reported that the project has been formally signed on November 15, 2019. The construction period of the entire project is 36 months, and it is expected to be delivered in October 2022.


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