Circle DNA launches Next Generation Consumer Genetic Test

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  • World's Most Comprehensive Consumer Genetic Test
  • Partnership with
  • Superstars G.E.M., Gigi Leung, and Vanness Wu join Circle DNA

BEIJING, China, April 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Circle DNA, a Joint Venture company formed by Berry Genomics and Prenetics, announced today at a media press conference attended by over 100+ media, the launch of a Next Generation Consumer Genetic Test. Circle's consumer offering utilizes the latest in DNA technology called "WES - Whole Exome Sequencing", capable of analyzing 100x more data than leading companies such as 23andme and, whom both use genotyping technology. With WES, Circle DNA is able to provide consumers 500 reports across 20 categories, including Cancer Risk, Carrier Screening, Common Disease Risk and many more.

Starting today in China, customers on and on can purchase 3 products under the Circle brand:

Health – Offers a total of 17 categories and a total of 295 reports:

• Disease Risk            • Drug Response               • Dietary Sensitivities      

• Nutrient Needs        • Sports & Fitness             • Stress & Sleep                      

• Skin                          • Ancestry                         • And Many More

Prevention – Offers a total of 3 categories and a total of 205 reports:

• Cancer Risk             • Carrier Screening          • Neuropsychiatric Risk

Premium – Circle's most comprehensive offering combines both the Health & Prevention product into one. In total, it covers 20 categories across 500 reports.

Joe Yan, CEO of Circle DNA says "Having been in technology my entire career, I've always believed it has the power to change the World. With Circle, I can't be more excited to officially announce our next generation consumer genetic test. We have literally combined the best of Science, Technology and Consumer into one offering which we believe can change the World, starting with understanding one's own genetic blueprint."

During the launch event, Circle DNA also announced a partnership with

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Xin Lijun, VP of says "Health is an area where we have seen strong demand from our 300m customers. With Circle and it's WES technology, it is a breakthrough consumer genetic test and we are glad to offer it directly to our millions of customers.

To add to the excitement of Circle's launch, it was attended by superstars – G.E.M, Gigi Leung and Vanness Wu, whom combined have a social media following of almost 100m followers. The trio have joined forces with Circle to partner on education and awareness programs aimed at the public the importance of health and how genetics can be a catalyst for people in Asia to live healthier, more proactive lifestyles.

G.E.M. says "I lost my grandmother due to pancreatic cancer thus being involved with Circle is very personal to me. With Circle, I can help millions of people discover themselves and for them to take health seriously. I've already recommended it to all my close family and friends. I look forward in working closely with Circle for many years to come."

Gigi Leung says "Being a mother and wife has been two of the best roles of my life. With such responsibility, I only want to give my daughter and family the best. With Circle, I'm able to provide very valuable insights for everyone in my family which is highly actionable. I'm very happy to be a part of Circle and play a role in educating the public.

Vanness Wu says "Everyone that knows me knows that I am a health nut. They may also know that my dad has Type 2 Diabetes. With Circle, it can identify the most optimal diet, fitness and also help delay or even prevent disease. In a nutshell, it's amazing and very glad to be involved".

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About Berry Genomics:

Founded in May 2010, Berry Genomics (SHE:000710) is a pioneer in China's genomics industry, dedicated to transforming gene testing technologies from lab only into clinical applications. Berry Genomics has successfully spread genomics testing as a valuable disease screening technology, and built a strong network with academics and doctors. Berry Genomics keeps continuous investment in R&D, and exploring more solutions of detecting more diseases. Berry's mission is to serve society to improve the genetic health of all peoples for the benefit of humankind.

Berry Genomics is headquartered in Beijing and has set up 8 medical testing laboratories in 8 cities. It has a production base in Hangzhou, and set up Xcelom Limited in Hong Kong. The company serves over 2,000 hospitals in more than 30 provinces. In August 2017, Berry Genomics was successfully listed on the main board of China A shares. For more information, please visit the company's official website:

About Prenetics

Prenetics is one of the leading global genetics testing and digital health companies. The Company has a team of over 120 people, and is spread across eight offices in Asia, Europe and South Africa.

Prenetics' mission is to help people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with personalized, predictive, and preventive measures in the form of the latest, proven innovations in DNA and mobile technology. With backing of over USD $50mn strategic investments from powerhouses such as Alibaba and Ping An, Prenetics is helping millions of people live healthier lives. Learn more at Prenetics subsidiaries include and (the International version of Circle DNA).

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