Circular Economy Leadership Award Presented to Everest Textile Co.,Ltd. at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2023

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2023-09-15 11:49 5214

SINGAPORE, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2023 is pleased to honor 78 outstanding business leaders and enterprises for championing sustainable and responsible business practices. Presented by leading regional NGO Enterprise Asia, the AREA is the most reputable award recognition program recognizing organizational efforts in creating a culture of compassion, integrity and being socially responsible corporate citizens. The AREA serves as a badge of excellence to spur further innovation and best-practice sharing for organizations and the world at large. 

Everest Textile Co.,Ltd. (Everest Textile) was among the recipients who were conferred with the Circular Economy Leadership Award. Everest Textiles takes four major cycles as its foundation, the ecological design cycle, the resource cycle, the business waste cycle, and the carbon cycle. To process and utilize surplus and non-biodegradable environmental waste, Everest Textiles promotes waste transformation into resources through the practice of the 7R principles while adhering to the principles of "cradle to cradle" and "waste equals food". 

By combining textile and R&D technologies and infusing them with innovation, Everest Textiles is transformed with new vitality for the pursuit of a sustainable environment. In addition, Everest Textiles has also incorporated the concepts of "circular economy", "green procurement", and "ownership transfer" into its supply chain management. The company promotes green procurement actions and designs green products while adopting low-carbon economy policies to achieve a circular economy throughout its supply chain and operations.

In recent years, Everest Textiles has devoted itself to the administration of energy, greenhouse gas management, and renewable energy expansion. The company aims to minimize the use of coal and fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions to achieve energy savings and carbon reduction. In addition, the company actively promotes the development of a circular economy and proceeds to burgeon innovative green products, recycling its waste and reproducing it into functional products with environmentally friendly concepts.

Everest Textiles has managed to refine its green processing technology and design sustainable green products from recycling environmental waste. In 2022, Everest Textiles and the #tide company created the "Ever Tide" series, which was developed to turn marine waste plastics into functional fabrics. Not only does "Ever Tide" reduce carbon emissions by 80% but it also offsets the carbon footprint of transportation by 100%. In terms of resource circulation, wastewater is reclaimed in the factory area and recycled, saving 80.2% of water with a total recovery rate of 48.5%.

Everest Textiles also obtained the Taiwan LCBA (Low Carbon Building Alliance) low-carbon building materials label certification. During the operation of creating its products, the coal slag from the coal-fired boiler is mixed with cement to make environmentally friendly hollow bricks, used for building construction in the plant. These actions lead to a decline in waste pollution and damage to the environment. Eventually, these low-carbon environmentally friendly bricks were successfully promoted to Guam in the U.S.A. as green energy building materials for houses. 

Moving forward, the company will draw up more production plans and continuously optimize its manufacturing processes and energy-saving equipment, such as waste heat recovery systems, etc. In terms of research and development, Everest Textiles will actively invest in innovative technology and design to launch products with more environmentally friendly concepts and efficient performance, providing customers with sustainable solutions. 

Furthermore, Everest Textiles will go a step further to develop carbon capture products and technologies to take the edge off greenhouse gas emissions. Everest Textiles is committed to developing more efficient carbon capture and storage technologies to help reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change.

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