CNN's 'Going Green' meets the game-changers leading a green revolution

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HONG KONG, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Around the globe people are working on green solutions to better our world, applying innovation to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges we face. This month in a 30-minute special 'Going Green' meets the game-changers as they reveal their light bulb moments that led them to the green revolution. 

CNN's 'Going Green' meets the game-changers leading a green revolution
CNN's 'Going Green' meets the game-changers leading a green revolution

Highlights include:


Professor William Chen of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has developed an innovative way to extract cellulose from soya bean residue, redirecting millions of tonnes of organic waste into biodegradable 'plastics' for sustainable food packaging. Chen is a pioneer in innovative food technology and is determined to win the fight against plastic polluting the planet.


Zuraina Zaharin is an eco-inventor, explorer and green activist. A climb on Everest inspired her to invent the EcoLoo, a biological toilet system that uses zero energy, zero water and has zero sewage. She is on a mission to save water, energy and reduce the amount of pollution entering our oceans.


Monish Siripurapu is an architect, eco-activist and entomology enthusiast based in New Delhi. He's developed a biomimicry cooling system inspired by the ancient Egyptians and customized it through modern technology. CNN follows his journey to discover how he's making India's buildings cool and green.

United Arab Emirates

Irfan Vakkayil and Anand Parambil are using the latest technology in robotics and aerodynamics to develop a water robot called BluePhin. It's built with a smart waste basket inside, has a zero-carbon footprint and the ability to collect up to 300 kilos of rubbish at a time. With backgrounds in engineering and science CNN meets the creators who have big dreams to save our seas.

South Africa 

Jason Drew and his company in South Africa are using a combination of entomology and engineering to develop an innovative and sustainable way to grow food from fly larvae. Using industrial biology, they have developed a natural alternative to fishmeal, helping to keep more fish in our oceans.

Los Angeles 

Dirk Ahlborn leads the Hyperloop, an ultra-fast, electric-powered transportation technology that can reach speeds of up to 750 miles per hour. It's a futuristic mode of transport making travel more energy efficient by shifting away from carbon to renewables.

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