CNN's 'Inventing Tomorrow' meets the innovators working to transform the world's food systems

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HONG KONG, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In the season two premiere of CNN's 'Inventing Tomorrow', anchor and correspondent Kristie Lu Stout spotlights the pioneering businesses serving up new ideas for a more sustainable future. From fake meat and cow-free milk, to insect food fighters and carbon-negative alcohol, innovators across the globe are developing new technologies to feed the planet. 

CNN’s ‘Inventing Tomorrow’ meets the innovators working to transform the world’s food systems
CNN’s ‘Inventing Tomorrow’ meets the innovators working to transform the world’s food systems

Plant-based eating is rapidly becoming mainstream, as more people become aware of the environmental impact of eating meat. To cater to a growing number of consumers who are also regular meat eaters, brands are working to create fake meat that looks, tastes and even smells a lot more like the real thing. CNN hears from Jordan Rocca, founding partner of the London-based restaurant Neat Burger, where plant-based versions of burgers and other diner dishes have been a hit with customers. Meanwhile, Boston-based startup Motif FoodWorks is employing a range of scientific disciplines to improve the appearance, texture and nutrition of meat and dairy alternatives. 

In Singapore, one startup is using black soldier fly larvae to combat the country's mounting food waste. Insectta co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chua Kai-Ning says the larvae can eat up to four times their weight in food waste per day. Insectta can create a range of products from the maggots and their by-products, from animal feed to biomaterials used in cosmetics. We also hear from Nalini Puniamoorthy, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, who believes black soldier flies can become a solution to urban food waste across Asia.

A number of startups are exploring alternative, sustainable methods to make real milk. California-based company Perfect Day has devised fermentation technology to produce milk protein, which is then used to create a range of dairy products that taste and perform like the real thing. Meanwhile, Fengru Lin, co-founder and CEO of Singaporean startup TurtleTree, is developing technology to grow milk from a cell.

Next, Lu Stout visits Hong Kong's Penicillin, voted the most sustainable bar in Asia by '50 Best Restaurants', to find out how its cocktails can actually help save the planet. She chats to co-founder Agung Prabowo about the bar's eco-conscious approach: each purchase of the 'One Penicillin, One Tree' cocktail helps fund a reforestation program in Borneo, Indonesia, meaning the cocktail removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than its production emits. Finally, we travel to Scotland to learn how one distillery is helping the environment by using peas to produce 'green' gin.

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