CNN's 'South Korea POV' unveils the history, nature and culture of the world's most heavily armed border

2019-01-23 11:00 1194

30-minute program airs during January 26-30

HONG KONG, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The demilitarized zone (DMZ) has bisected the Korean Peninsula since 1953. Known as one of the most heavily armed borders in today's world, DMZ not only serves as a buffer zone for a fragile cold war between North and South Korea, but also a popular destination attracting more than 1.2 million tourists each year. The DMZ is both a refuge for endangered species and a home for a resilient bunch of long-time Korean residents. This month, CNN's 'South Korea POV' explores the history, attractions and present-day reality of life along the DMZ.

Highlights of the 30-minute show include:

A sense of peace and security next to one of the world's most heavily armed borders
One way to feel alive is to stand next to one of the most dangerous places on earth and still feel secure. That is probably the reason why 1.2 million tourists visit DMZ each year on so-called "security tours," hoping to catch a glimpse into South Korea's reclusive northern neighbor. CNN explores the area with blogger and English teacher, Hallie Bradley, as she speaks with tour guides and learns the history of peace, security and transformation in the DMZ.

A vision of culture and creativity near DMZ
After half a century separating the Korean peninsula in two, DMZ has become a place that is both familiar and foreign to many Koreans. But there are still people living in the area, keeping their creativity, hopes and dreams alive in any possible way. CNN visits the only gallery inside the Civilized Control Zone near Paju as well as a village full of artists and a little piece of European culture. CNN follows filmmaker Robert Joe to gain insight into the unexpected cultural offerings of the DMZ.

An unintended paradise in the absence of humans
With the absence of any man-made development in the last 65 years, the DMZ is a mysterious no man's land where the beauty of nature still flourishes. In the sky, endangered species like the red-crowned crane and other migratory birds fly over to the DMZ each winter to find warmth and shelter. On the ground, mammals native to Korea such as water deer and leopard cats wander freely near the fences that divide the two countries. CNN goes on a journey to admire this hidden paradise of animals with DMZ nature expert, Kim Seung-ho. 

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The 30-minute special 'South Korea POV' airs at the following times:

Airtimes for 30-minute special:
Saturday, 26th January at 2130 HKT
Sunday, 27th January at 0030 HKT, 0530 HKT and 1130 HKT
Monday, 28th January at 0930 HKT and 1730 HKT
Wednesday, 30th January at 0130 HKT   @cnnvision

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