Co-Create a New Blueprint of the B&R Initiative for Asia Pacific

BEIJING, Dec. 28, 2022  /PRNewswire/ -- A report from CRIOnline:

Viet Nam V1-2 Offshore Wind Power Plant Project finished its wind turbine hoisting on August 28, 2021 local time. It's the first project of its kind of POWERCHINA to complete its hoisting. Upon its completion, the project can provide 180GWh of clean energy every year, meeting the average power demand of 90,000 local households and exerting an important role in solving the country's power demand with renewables. 

The wind farm, located in the scenic area of Ba Dong beach in Tra Vinh, Vietnam, will certainly become another scenic spot in the local area.

According to Du Haiyang, Vietnamese representative of POWERCHINA, this is the first successful application of China-made wind turbines and POWERCHINA-designed monopile foundation in overseas offshore wind power project. The V1-2 wind power plant fully presents China's capability in manufacturing, design and efficiency.

Different from the smooth completion of the V1-2 project, POWERCHINA's Wawa water supply project in the Philippines in the Asia-Pacific region, is currently undergoing an essential phase in construction.

This project is to alleviate water stress in eastern Manila and has been included in the INFRA projects in the country, said Zhao Zhihao, POWERCHINA's Philippine representative.

The project takes water from the Wawa River basin, transforms it into drinking water and then supply it to Manila and the surrounding communities, with a capacity of 80,000 m³ of water supply per day upon its completion and more than 500,000 m³ by 2025.

While implementing these projects, POWERCHINA faces the impact of policy differences and the epidemic in different countries. To cope with that, the company sticks to localized management and operation, opening up in countries where these projects are located and offering more job opportunities for local people.

At the same time, many Chinese employees who are now working overseas are dedicated to the cause, contributing to the high-quality development of the B&R Initiative with their advanced technology, ideas and innovations.

Source: CRIOnline