CORE to open an Australian office to assist Australian entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Hong Kong

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2021-03-01 17:49 777

HONG KONG, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In February 2021, Company Registration & Business Services Limited (CORE) opened its first Australian office. As the company's first foray into the Australian market, CORE aims to help Australian entrepreneurs who are looking to open a business in Hong Kong, China, and other Asian markets. At present, strict regulations, difficult requirements and the stress and instability of a COVID-19 economy have made Hong Kong a more challenging place to open a business. To combat this, CORE is providing a streamlined and safe path for Australian business owners.

With a complete suite of professional company incorporation services, CORE has already helped many clients from Australia and overseas set up businesses in Hong Kong. CORE's founder, Raymond Chan, firmly believes that Hong Kong is one of the world's best locations for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses. With a reputation as a gateway into China, Hong Kong is a top financial hub with regulated international jurisdiction that offers fast and simple incorporation processes, low taxes, a stable legal system, and much more. 

One of CORE's key services is business registration. With decades of experience, CORE can help new companies with everything from requirements, to fees, and even formation. Their business registration services require a lead time of just one business day, allowing businesses to get up and running as soon as possible.

In addition to this, CORE helps businesses open corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong. Amidst frequently changing regulations and complicated requirements, opening a bank account for new businesses is no easy task. CORE helps with preparing and organizing all the required documentation for its clients before arranging meetings with the necessary bank managers. As experts in the field, CORE has connections with many of the major banks operating in Hong Kong, such as HSBC, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, and many more. This removes the need for overseas clients to travel to Hong Kong to open a digital – or even local – bank account.

Alongside their bank account opening services, CORE helps business owners set up internet banking, offer advice and insights into the most secure banking solutions, and better understand the fine print of services like multi-currency credit and debit cards. Furthermore, through their relationships with local and international banks, CORE can provide businesses with a letter of credit to speed up the process and help secure favorable funding and investment deals. CORE is also able to help with proper tax planning, allowing potential business owners to reduce tax liability in Hong Kong and Australia.

Through these highly efficient and professional services, prospective business owners from Australian and beyond can expedite the process of incorporating their company in Hong Kong. CORE are firm believers that consulting experts in the business registration field helps ensure the smoothest process possible. This way, business owners can focus their time and effort on growing their business and driving innovation. CORE's ultimate goal is to help companies grow, thrive, and find success in all areas. 

CORE offers free consultations that provide further information to anyone considering starting a business in Hong Kong. 

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