Cotecna to debut at the 2nd China International Import Expo 2019 with the aim of expanding its presence in the Chinese market

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SHANGHAI, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cotecna, one of the world's leading inspection, testing and certification companies, will make its debut at the 2nd China International Import Expo 2019 (CIIE 2019) from November 5 to November 10 with plans to showcase a wide range of professional and efficient services and solutions in the event's service trade zone, further demonstrating the firm's confidence in the Chinese market and determination to increase its investment and expand its presence there.

This key annual event in the world of global trade brings together some 3,000 exhibitors from over 150 countries and regions around the globe under one roof.

Cotecna chairman Frank Piedelievre said, 'We have made it a priority to expand our presence in China, one of the world's largest markets. Cotecna will leverage the opportunities brought about by the ongoing economic growth in the country to provide customers with proven testing analysis and data in order to help them improve product and process quality.'

Frank Piedelievre, Cotecna Chairman
Frank Piedelievre, Cotecna Chairman

Switzerland-based Cotecna offers its services in over 50 countries. The firm has long been committed to providing professional services in four areas: government and trade, agriculture, food safety as well as metals and minerals. In the Chinese market, Cotecna is concentrating on trade facilitation, agri commodities and metals and minerals inspection and testing services.

With its growing volume of business year by year, Cotecna has established several professional laboratories for metals and minerals inspection and testing in China with the aim of better serving customers in different regions across the country. In addition, the firm has opened branches and offices in some of China's key cities in order to expand its capabilities into surrounding areas. With the support of professional technical teams, Cotecna continues to improve its network of services in the country.

Looking further ahead, Cotecna's next step is to expand into the certification activities and the consumer goods, and food safety and environmental inspection and testing markets, with strong confidence in its expected performance in the new market segments.  

Cotecna expanding its presence in the Chinese market
Cotecna expanding its presence in the Chinese market

China's testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry has experienced an accelerated growth at an average annual pace of over 15% in recent years. Based on a positive expectation that the rapid pace will continue, Cotecna aims to leverage the CIIE event as a platform to showcase its experience and advantages in terms of TIC services and as an opportunity to strengthen its capabilities in serving Chinese customers.

The huge Chinese market is unique in terms of characteristics and customer demand. Several tens of thousands of companies operate in the country's TIC market. However, they are unable to operate in a truly integrated manner due to having a fragmented service landscape. The increasingly complex customer demand requires TIC organizations to deliver diversified services and facilitate the integration of the market. As part of its global strategy, Cotecna plans to accelerate its development through mergers and acquisitions and expanded partnerships. Early this year, Cotecna completed the acquisition of Neotron, an Italy-based international provider of food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and drug testing services. The company is also seeking new partnership opportunities by increasing its investment in the Chinese market. At the same time, Cotecna plans to improve its capabilities in serving customers in markets outside of China.

Additionally, China remains a country heavily dependent on exports, with a large number of companies operating in that sector. Cotecna is committed to helping companies obtain the approval for exporting their products into international markets thanks to its product certification services, part of its trade facilitation capabilitiesy. As a result, Cotecna will provide a widely recognized certificate of quality for Chinese companies doing businesses abroad.

As an international and professional organization, Cotecna has confidence in its operational performance, financial strength and open organizational structure, in addition to its innovative technologies and rapid decision-making capability.

Cotecna has made adequate investments in its facilities and laboratories supported by highly skilled talent. On top of a professional, vibrant and young team, more importantly, Cotecna capitalizes on its open organizational structure to help its management make informed decisions rapidly to respond to today's fast-changing markets.

By combining its advantages gained from four decades of accumulated experience with its deep insight into the characteristics of the Chinese market and customer basis, Cotecna has defined a clear expansion path in China – embrace the digital era by upgrading its technologies and expanding its team of professionals with a focus on ensuring its operational performance and financial strength.

Cotecna is ready to form and expand partnerships with Chinese companies. Chief Operating Officer Romain Petit said, 'We will collaborate with Chinese firms that have strong technical expertise and a vision to expand globally. We also expect to leverage on the digital expertise available in China to create an additional cluster of competence for embedding new digital services to revisit our global operating models and improve client satisfaction.'

Romain Petit, Cotecna Chief Operating Officer
Romain Petit, Cotecna Chief Operating Officer

According to its global development strategy, Cotecna has made the Chinese market a priority as it continues to expand in Asia. Consequently, the company will increase its investment in services, teams and partnerships there.

Cotecna aims to showcase its advanced TIC technologies and the capabilities of its professional team to Chinese and international companies during this year's CIIE. Looking ahead, Cotecna has strong confidence in maintaining a well-established presence in the Chinese market and boosting the quality-based development of China's trade industry with its efficient trade facilitation services.

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