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BERLIN, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 6, local time, at the first MES expo (Mobility, Electronics, Suppliers) held in Berlin, Germany, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. (TEC) on behalf of CRRC group, held a promotion meeting of train operation control system, focusing on the promotion of SigThemis ETCS signal system conforming to European standards and tSafer-UC1000 CBTC signal system conforming to IEEE1474.

The train operation control system, known as the "brain" and "nervous system" of rail transit, controls the train position, operation speed, and operation density in the section in real time. The more important role is to make the train run orderly and efficiently on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the train. Therefore, it can also be regarded as the "conductor" of rail transit movement.

Through years of technology accumulation, the signal industry of TEC has gradually realized the platform, modularization and pedigree of the signal system. SigThemis ETCS signal system and tSafer-UC1000 CBTC signal system have the same system architecture and shared software and hardware resources, which can not only improve the reliability of the system, but also bring multiple benefits to customers, such as the use of unified platform resources for multiple products on board and on the ground, greatly reducing the cost of spare parts; remote maintenance and diagnosis, remote push and deployment, greatly reducing operation & maintenance cost and improve application experience.

SigThemis signal system is oriented to trunk railway and fully conforms to the latest standard of ETCS Baseline3 B3R2 (compatible with Baseline2 standard), which can fully support the system application of ETCS-NTC/0/1/2 level, the TSI index of the whole system is more than 90% of the match mark and at the international advanced level. In addition, the PS and CS mode support of GSM-R, offline and online key management support, and multi version support of different interfaces on the ground can greatly improve the engineering ability of the system; the crossing management, cooperation to shorten the driving license, LS/SH mode curve, and the implementation of different speed restrictions for different models can greatly optimize the line application ability and operation efficiency.

tSafer-UC1000 signal system is oriented to urban rail transit and fully meets the requirements of IEEE1474 standard. It is one of the three key core technologies (traction, signal and braking) of urban rail transit. Based on the advantages of CRRC, the system adopts the integrated design of "signal + traction + braking", which greatly improves the control accuracy, ride comfort and energy-saving control of the train, and is at the advanced level of the industry. In addition, the system meets the interconnection standards issued by China Association of Metros (CAMET), and supports the requirements of GoA2-GoA4 automation level. It has a wide application prospect in the international market.

The signal industry of TEC originated in the last century. After nearly 30 years of technical precipitation, the trunk signal system represented by LKJ has been mature and applied, and the CBTC system with full independent intellectual property rights has also been put into commercial operation, besides, the SigThemis system, which fully conforms to the latest standards of ETCS Baseline3 B3R2, was first released globally in June this year. At the same time, heavy-duty intelligent driving technology, satellite positioning technology and virtual orbit control technology are being applied in many projects, and the city orbit full-automatic driverless system and new system based on vehicle communication are emerging.

Through this promotion conference, TEC once again demonstrated its continuously improving signal system solution capability, which will add a new color to the beautiful "business card" of China's high-speed rail, and also help CRRC group's internationalization and the national "Belt and Road Initiative".

Source: CRRC
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