Dable unveiled the personalized product recommendation solution '' at EEC 2019

2019-08-15 09:45 1893

SEOUL, South Korea and JARKATA, Indonesia, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Content discovery platform Dable unveiled the personalized product recommendation solution '' at e-commerce conference, Exabytes eCommerce Conference (EEC) in Indonesia. ECC was held at the Function Hall Citywalk Sudirman on August 14th. 

Dable, a technology-based start-up, recommends personalized content such as 'Content You May Like' based on real-time big data processing and personalization technology. Dable collects data from more than 1,800 global media and analyzes what content users have viewed.

Through 'Dable Content Recommendation' solution, Dable makes it easier for online readers to find the content that they want. It improves reader satisfaction and contributes to increase the media performance both in terms of traffic and media profits. Dable also provides 'Dable Native Ad' solution, which has a similar format to website content and avoids interfering with the user experience from viewing the content. Dable analyzes user interests based on visit information and reflects this analysis in the advertisements so that it can help the profit increase of advertisers.

'' allows eCommerce to use both personalized product recommendation and customized targeting native advertising through real-time personalized recommendation technology. In the e-commerce website, '' exposes substitutes to induce purchase decisions, and by showing complement goods, it seeks to purchase additional products. In addition, through real-time big data processing technology, '' can analyze the products that customers are currently viewing and recommend optimized products.

Allan Ronny Dengah, Global Business Manager of Dable Indonesia, said "'' is effective in increasing e-commerce sales and lowering users' departure from the website by recommending products based on user's interests on e-commerce websites in which users' conversion is caused. In the case of a Korean duty-free shop, sales rose more than 7% after applying ''. The CTR (Click Through Ratio) is more than five times higher than the 'popular product recommendation' on many e-commerce websites, and has reduced user departure."

Based in South Korea, Dable entered Indonesia in 2017 with its outstanding services like big data, personalization, and machine learning (AI), and expanded to Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam etc. 

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Sabrina Rahma Azalia
Global Business Manager at Dable Indonesia (Indonesia) (English)

Source: Dable
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