Dalian Summer Davos: Bringing the World's Focus to Liaoning

Liaoning Provincial Committee on Network Security and Informatization
2019-07-01 14:11 1110

DALIAN, China, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 Summer Davos Forum, which attracted worldwide attention, will due be held in July in Dalian, China. It is the 13th annual meeting held in China and the 7th annual meeting held in Dalian. The theme of the annual meeting is "Leadership 4.0: Winning the New Era of Globalization." In the context of particular countries clamoring for trade protectionism and counter-economic globalization, leaders from countries and regions around the world will gather here for another round of brainstorming. The event is sponsored by the Liaoning Provincial Committee on Network Security and Informatization.

As a worldwide forum with extensive international influence, the Summer Davos Forum is known as the "world economic weather vane" because of its high level, large scale and foresight. Twelve years ago, in the middle of 2007, when Davos was first held in Dalian, there was such an expectation: "the Summer Davos Forum is an important window for us to understand the changes in the world economic trends and grasp the trends of development." Over the years, the Summer Davos Forum has been held six times in Dalian, providing an important platform for political and business leaders to discuss the development of the world economy and issues of common interests. 

The Summer Davos Forum helps the world get to know Liaoning, bringing the world's focus to Dalian, demonstrates the new achievements and new features of the development of Liaoning's old industrial base, and further enhanced Dalian's international popularity and influence.
- an attendee from the 9th Summer Davos forum 

It is not just Dalian that has benefited. Standing on the platform of Davos, Liaoning enterprises have close contact with new ideas, new models, new technologies, and new methods, and absorb new "nutrients" in the "feast of ideas."

The platform shortens the distance between Liaoning and the world. While winning more opportunities to participate in the international economic division of labor and cooperation, Liaoning's popularity and influence in the international community continue to grow. With the help of the Summer Davos Forum held in Dalian, Liaoning has a better understanding of the world, and also bringing a more dynamic Liaoning into the world vision.

Source: Liaoning Provincial Committee on Network Security and Informatization