Data Center First Launches 30MW Maiden Data Center in Nongsa Digital Park

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Data Center First Pte Ltd today announced the launch of their maiden 30MW data centre project in Nongsa Digital Park, Batam Indonesia. The new data centre, Nongsa One, will be designed and constructed to Uptime Tier III standards and is expected to complete by end of 2023.


Data Center First is the first international data centre operator to establish a presence in Batam. The growing demand of Indonesian internet users driven by a more open and competitive telecom industry in Indonesia continues to attract foreign investment into Indonesia. The US$40 million Phase 1 investment in Nongsa One DC campus from Data Center First will help to strengthen the connectivity and "digital bridge" between Nongsa and Singapore.

Bapak Airlangga Hartarto, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs said: "I really appreciate this 30MW data centre project by Data Center First Pte Ltd and welcome the US$ 40 million Phase 1 roll-out. It is estimated that this single project can catalyse into Nongsa Digital Park up to a total US$ 300 million Foreign Direct Investment. It can stimulate the local economy by producing a large multiplier effect, accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia."

Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry, said, "We welcome the project launch of Nongsa One by Data Center First. Nongsa One will bolster Nongsa's status as a growing hub for tech and IT services, as well as data centres. Data Center First's investment highlights the potential of a nearshoring model for Singapore-based data centre operators to expand their capacity and capture the rapidly growing demand for data centre services in Southeast Asia. Singapore looks forward to continuing our close cooperation with Indonesia to support the development of the data centre industry in Nongsa."

Mr Mike Wiluan, CEO Nongsa Digital Park said: "We are proud to welcome Data Centre First Pte Ltd's 30MW Data Center to the growing ecosystem of digital companies established already in Nongsa Digital Park. As the first data centre development in the Nongsa Special Economic Zone, this cutting-edge infrastructure demonstrates NDP's commitment in attracting both best in class talent and key global infrastructure partners while affirming our role as a 'Digital Bridge' to Indonesia's digitization roadmap. We look forward to this collaboration with Data Centre First Pte Ltd which will most certainly catalyse more foreign investment to support Indonesia's overall digital economic growth."

Nongsa One sits on 276,600 square feet of land located in the Special Economic Zone of Nongsa Digital Park. The unique design for this 30MW campus DC is the powerhouse concept which gives Nongsa One the ability to independently scale its electricity needs for the two buildings in the campus. This new powerhouse design will be an earmark feature for all of Data Center First's campus projects. Nongsa One has secured electricity supply from two independent PLN substations in their ringed distribution network which will connect into the Nongsa One powerhouse with two independent power pathways.

As a network neutral data centre, Data Center First has to-date secured connectivity from three Subsea Providers, two International Network Service Providers and two Business ISPs that connects Singapore to Jakarta via Nongsa Digital Park at Data Center First Nongsa One.

Mr Ka Vin Wong, Chief Executive of Data Center First said: "Nongsa One has arrived in Nongsa Digital Park and we are delighted to be the new crossroad for this bold vision of a digital future for Singapore and Indonesia. This is made possible by our growing customer community who are providing independent services at this new business crossroad. We continue to receive expression of interest from Telecom Service Providers, Cloud Infrastructure Providers and E-Commerce Service Providers. I am thrilled for the market to get to know us and be part of our growing community."

With the arrival of Nongsa One in Nongsa Digital Park, digital enterprises can exploit this world-class infrastructure to protect their current deployed digital assets against natural disasters. Nongsa Digital Park provides the perfect alternative as a disaster-neutral location to safeguard Indonesia's booming digital economy. The huge numbers of subsea fibres available from multiple telecom service providers connecting at Nongsa to both Singapore and Jakarta makes Nongsa Digital Park the most effective ingress and egress network point for customers that needs to bring data in or out of Indonesia efficiently. Nongsa Digital Park with Nongsa One is truly the embodiment of the Digital Bridge vision jointly defined by the government of Singapore and Indonesia. Data Center First is excited to take a leadership position in implementing this vision.

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