Data science consultancy launches services in Asia amid rising demand

Pathway Data Science aims to address growing market demand for professional data science and machine learning expertise in Asia.
2018-03-13 09:30 671

HONG KONG, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pathway Data Science ("Pathway"), a newly established data science and machine learning consultancy, today announced the launch of its services in Asia.

Based in Hong Kong, Pathway aims to help businesses across the Asia Pacific region achieve higher levels of performance by putting advanced data science tools into application. Core services include advising organizations on processes to become more data-driven, providing new insights on existing data, building intuitive dashboards, developing machine learning models and producing real-life applications that can be seamlessly integrated with clients' proprietary processes.

Machine learning techniques make it possible for a computing system to learn from data, answer questions, make predictions, reach conclusions and solve problems without the need to specify an explicit set of rules required to achieve the desired outcome. New practical applications are developed every day and already include robot financial advisers, medical assessments, applicant scoring, power pricing, delay predictions, customer engagement, and business forecasts, among others.

With the amount of data generated worldwide growing exponentially -- a 2017 estimate by American business intelligence and data visualization tools provider Domo put the number at 2.5 billion gigabytes per day -- businesses are presented with a fresh opportunity to sharpen their competitive edge and stay relevant.

While an increasing number of companies in Asia are aware of the many tangible benefits available and are intent on adopting data science, machine learning or AI technologies in the near future, many face significant hurdles when the time comes to set out such strategies in more details, make technological choices, hire the right talents, and engage service providers.

Pathway answers these concerns through a holistic approach. Following a thorough discussion of a client's business needs and objectives, Pathway proceeds to independently analyzing the data, designing an optimal machine learning model, and finally working on its implementation in cooperation with the in-house team, who can also be trained to make further changes should this be required.

Thanks to its ability to nimbly develop customized applications and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Pathway's solutions can be promptly put into production, making it possible for companies to independently run their models continuously or at any given time of the day.

Referring to the various stages at which companies decide to turn to data science, Pathway Founder and Managing Director Georges Louchart commented: "Characterized by a dearth of qualified talent, modern data science requires a combination of numerous skills and disciplines, including statistics, computer science, business and economics… What Pathway offers is a comprehensive service that can accommodate any client's particular setup and requirements."

About Pathway

Based in Hong Kong, Pathway helps businesses across Asia achieve whole new levels of performance by putting advanced data science tools into application. Pathway advises organizations on how to become data-driven, provides new insights on available data, develops machine learning models and implements real-life applications.

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