DFI Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Continuing IoT Innovation

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TAIPEI, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past 40 years, technology, especially Internet of Things, has completely changed the world. DFI, the once famous gaming motherboard maker for its LANParty series, has transformed to a global leading provider of diverse Industrial PC (IPC) solutions.

Desire for Innovation

Since DFI shifted to the IPC industry in 2004, millions of its computers have powered the innovative applications in industries from factory automation, energy, transportation, retail to healthcare, gaming and mission-critical.

On the 40th anniversary, DFI focuses on three main aspects:

  • Miniaturized Edge AI:
    DFI's miniaturizing technology with decades of experience has helped clients make edge applications smarter. For example, the renowned Raspberry Pi-sized GHF51 board built with AMD Ryzen successfully downsized the devices of facial recognition and traffic surveillance. In the future, more innovative computers at smaller footprints will be released to refresh the industry.
  • Extended Durability:
    Computers of DFI strictly follow the international standards for anti-vibration, voltage fluctuation tolerance, and temperature endurance. In regards of operating temperature, DFI supports wider, non-standard ranges up to -50~85°C through its innovative R&D capabilities. Safety and durability are ensured as all parts of the computers must pass the testing.
  • Synergy with Qisda/BenQ Group:
    Since joining the Qisda/BenQ Group in 2017, DFI has enhanced its technology, supply chain management, and manufacturing productivity for advanced services like LCD in-house integration, measurement lab, and enclosing. These value-added services benefit clients from flexible small volume and high variety, to large scale and cost-efficient production.

Besides those three main foci, DFI has continuously extended its capabilities in FPGA and 5G to offer comprehensive and diversified computing solutions.

Synergies for Growth

In July of 2021, DFI will move to the Qisda manufacturing complex in Taoyuan, Taiwan, to upgrade to digital manufacturing and maximize its capacity.

"After 40 years of continuous development and evolution, DFI embarks on a new chapter," said Steven Tsai, President of DFI. "We look forward to the further expansion of DFI as a key player in the IPC sector with the Qisda/BenQ Group, and welcome more partners in creating new business opportunities together."

Moving Forward

DFI is actively working with world-class medical manufacturers and smart transportation system integrators.

In the future, DFI will focus on collaborating with more partners and serving more clients from diverse backgrounds to reach more peaks together in the next ten years.

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Source: DFI Inc.
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