Discover Guangxi with Ease: UnionPay Launches Specialized Card for Overseas Nationals

2024-04-12 15:59 2308

HONG KONG, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- UnionPay, in partnership with the People's Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and select overseas commercial banks, is delighted to announce the launch of the first-ever UnionPay Guangxi Card. This product, launched on March 28, is tailored for overseas individuals, delivering a seamless and secure payment experience complemented by preferential benefits for those visiting, working, or studying in Guangxi.

Initially available in ICBC (Macau), Banco Tai Fung and Bank of China (Jakarta Branch), there are plans for the card to extend its reach to overseas regions with plans for a broader distribution across Southeast Asia.

Currently, customers can apply this card from. This strategic move anticipates facilitating a more convenient payment gateway for travelers from these countries and regions.

Guangxi has emerged as a pivotal gateway to China for visitors from Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Laos, thanks to its strategic geographical proximity. Statistics from the Guangxi Department of Commerce reflect the area's strong appeal to tourists from nearby nations, as well as from the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau. The region is celebrated for its enchanting karst topography, exemplified by the scenic city of Guilin, and its vibrant mosaic of indigenous cultures. With the rollout of the themed card, Guangxi is poised to enhance its role as a tourism hub by streamlining financial transactions for international travelers beginning their journey into China through this culturally rich and geographically advantageous gateway.

The Guangxi Card offers a range of benefits for foreign nationals in Guangxi, including an exclusive of 12% discount on key services such as hotels, department stores, supermarkets, catering, travel agencies, and medical services. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy cashback from 1% to 5% on purchases at Chinese mainland's merchants, encouraging deeper exploration of Guangxi's attractions.

The "Excellence 2024" Initiative

This card launch aligns with UnionPay's broader "Excellence 2024" project, which aims to invest CNY 3 billion to create a universally accessible, comprehensive payment ecosystem throughout China. Having already been launched in 12 major cities across the country, with the aim of rolling out to 41 cities and addressing 17 high-frequency transaction scenarios in eight major categories such as dining, lodging, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment, healthcare, and education, the initiative underscores UnionPay's commitment to meeting the payment needs of international visitors.

For more information about the "Excellence 2024" initiative, access the "U•plan" mini-program via the UnionPay App, where you can select "Mainland China" and the corresponding province or city to view and participate in various discount activities.

About UnionPay

As an internationally recognized card scheme, UnionPay's network spans 183 countries and regions, with over 230 million UnionPay cards issued outside of mainland China. The company has been at the forefront of digital payment innovation, launching nearly 200 cooperative wallets worldwide, ensuring that UnionPay remains the preferred choice for global citizens visiting China.

Source: UnionPay International