Disrupting the Power Industry Through Fervent Leadership

2022-01-18 12:00 947

DHAKA, Bangladesh, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hassan Mughnee, the Managing Director of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) of Maldives, has been recognised by the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards as one of Asia's Most Inspiring Executives across the region.

Hassan Mughnee, Managing Director, State Electric Company Limited
Hassan Mughnee, Managing Director, State Electric Company Limited

Organised by MORS Group, the ACES Awards acknowledges successful corporations and business leaders in Asia across two key domains: leadership and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and honours their achievements in light of their contributions towards the sustainable and exemplary impacts made within their communities and the immediate world.

As the only company within the country extending renewable energy solutions with user-friendly payment facilities, STELCO plays a huge role in enriching the lives of the public every day. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company successfully delivered on all its services efficiently without interruption, thanks to the ardent guidance and leadership of Mughnee.

A Postgraduate degree holder, Mughnee believes that a critical barometer of success is the freedom to pursue any interest that makes one happy and fulfilled. On top of the recognition from ACES, Mughnee was also recently named the Emerging Leader of the Year at the Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards in 2019, hosted by World HRD Congress.

A huge part of STELCO's work focuses on its CSR initiatives to enhance the lives of the local communities and islands that it operates in. Aside from enowing the youth of Maldives with career opportunities through its Apprenticeship Program, STELCO also prides itself on its learning and development programs, health and housing benefits as well as fully funded scholarships for its employees, with the company being named amongst the 'Dream Companies to Work For' in 2019.

Additionally, STELCO facilitates powerhouse tours to students with the hopes of fostering interest in Science, Technology and Engineering, and has invested in developments fully powered by solar energy while supporting several government initiatives, including its goal to achieve carbon neutrality, and the restoration of historical monuments.

As a respected leader within the industry, Mughnee values the potential of others and often empowers others, including his employees, to reach for the stars. Remarkably, Mughnee has brought a clarity of vision and continuity to STELCO that creates and retains long-term value, not only for his people but also for the entire nation at large.

Source: MORS Group