EcoFlow Launches Highly Efficient Dual Fuel Smart Generator for Five Days of Emergency Power

2022-12-08 18:00 1579

The latest addition to the EcoFlow ecosystem, the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) uses gas and propane for enhanced efficiency and cleaner energy.

LONDON, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoFlow, an eco-friendly energy solutions company, today launched the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel), a powerful generator which supports propane as a fuel source in addition to standard gas. With increased energy efficiency and fewer emissions, the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can produce up to 20kWh of electricity with propane[i], enough to supply an average family's power needs for approximately five days[ii] during an emergency.

"The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) is a demonstration of EcoFlow's commitment to putting power in people's hands and building an eco-friendly future," said Bruce Wang, CEO at EcoFlow. "It provides peace of mind during extended blackouts and, in doing so, it uses less fuel, produces fewer emissions and creates less noise."

Greener, more flexible home backup power

The addition of propane as a second fuel source option allows the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) to provide users with invaluable flexibility during long-lasting blackouts, making it the ideal backup power source for homes or RVs. Using propane stored in LPG tanks enables longer storage and requires much less maintenance than using gas.  Compared to gas, propane as a fuel source also consumes less energy per kilowatt-hour and produces lower levels of toxic gas emissions.

Incredible efficiency with the EcoFlow ecosystem

The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) is compatible with the EcoFlow ecosystem. When charging the DELTA Pro or DELTA Max portable power stations or the Power Kits, the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) creates fuel savings of up to 40%[iii] compared to other generators and power storage products. With greater efficiency, the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can fully recharge DELTA Pro in just 2.7 hours and DELTA Max in 1.5 hours. 

Protection mechanisms for safer usage

The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) creates a safe user experience through a variety of protection mechanisms and alert systems.  To eliminate the risk to health caused by carbon monoxide, a CO alert warns users if CO levels are high and will automatically shut off the generator before safe levels are exceeded. In addition, there is a fuel alert and an engine oil alert which will shine when the fuel or oil drop to low levels. The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)'s temperature protection mechanism will also automatically cut the engine when its inner temperature is too low or too high, waiting to self-heat or cool down to protect its lifespan.


The EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) is now available on the EcoFlow webstore and Amazon.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company with the vision to power a new world. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow's mission is to reinvent the way individuals and families access energy by providing reliable, accessible and renewable power solutions. Today, EcoFlow has operational headquarters in the United States, Germany and Japan, with more than 2 million users in over 100 markets worldwide. EcoFlow's products are now available in all 44 countries and regions across Europe, supported by a network of over 800 local retailers.

[i] Measured with a 20lb LPG tank. The power is not limited to this amount. It depends on the size of the LPG tank.
[ii] The power usage time is based on the estimate that, on average, a family consumes 3.68kWh of electricity a day during emergency, using four lights, a fan, a router, smart phones, and a refrigerator.
[iii] Fuel consumed at the same full-rated power.

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