ecorasa: Latest Technology Breakthrough in Eco-Friendly F&B Packaging

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Not wanting to pass on mountains and island of plastic wastes to our future generations, PT Harapan Infiniti Mulia, which also participated in the International Indonesia Seafood & Meat (IISM) in Surabaya on 21-24 March 2019, has launched ecorasa, the breakthrough in food and beverage packaging using market proven Oxium technology.

Shivan, ecorasa founder at the IISM Expo Surabaya March 22, 2019
Shivan, ecorasa founder at the IISM Expo Surabaya March 22, 2019

Research data from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment, shows that currently plastic waste has reached 26,500 tons per day. Data from the Indonesian Olefin, Aromatic and Plastic Industry Association (INAPLAS) and the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) mentions that plastic waste in Indonesia reaches 8.9 million tons per year.

One of the significant contributors of plastic waste comes from food and beverage packaging. Many use conventional plastic packaging on a large scale because of its various advantages, such as being lightweight, waterproof, flexible, and very economical. However, the various advantages possessed by plastics also create their own catastrophic problems when these plastic products reach their end of life, both at landfills and if scattered in nature.

Oxium is an additive made in Indonesia that has been patented in U.S. and Singapore. This additive degrades plastic until it decomposes back into the soil, eaten by microbes (not more physical fragmentation resulting into micro-plastics, but instead molecular and chemical degradation.)

By adding Oxium additive into plastic raw material during the production process, ecorasa packaging can degrade with 2 to 5 years (depending on deisgn) by exposure to sunglight, heat and / or  oxygen, while conventional packaging takes hundreds to thousands of years to degrade.

"That's why we offer ecorasa ecpackaging with oxium technology that can decompose faster, so that it can 'return to earth' as organic material. Awareness is increasing among cosumers who are seeking environmentally friendly products and wanting change. We try to cater to that needs by providing environmentally friendly packaging for food and beverage business owners and consumers," explained Shivan, Founder of the ecorasa.

ecorasa products have passed a series of rigorous laboratory tests, such as, Indonesian Type 2 Ecolabel SNI, Food Migration Test, BPOM, EU Migration Standard and Japan Migration Standard.

ecorasa packaging is proven to be structurally strong, safe and meets food grade standards so that the quality and taste of food and beverages is maintained. With competitive pricing, ecorasa offers a solution for the food and beverage industry that is not only practical, effective locking system and elegant design, but also plays a role in an effort to save the environment from plastic waste accumulation.

This makes ecorasa become a trusted provider of food and beverage packaging by various well-known HORECA brands, not only because of their quality and professionalism, but also because of their passion to care for the environment.

"We provide the environmentally friendly food and beverage packaging as an effort to collaborate with F&B owners, to take an active role in resolving this urgent environmental issue -- because we cannot achieve it single handedly. So, let us work together to sustainably take good care of the world that God has entrusted to us," concluded Shivan.

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