EDAN CEO: Mushroomed under the Crisis

EDAN CEO Hao Zhang Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

SHENZHEN, China, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A critical medical device provider of the COVID-19 pandemic, EDAN, supplied hundreds of thousands of medical devices to Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries. Hao Zhang, the CEO of EDAN, has opened up for the first time and spoken about the COVID-19 outbreak. On May 19, 2020, he issued the following statement:

"The past four months were a tough period for the entire world. As a healthcare company, our people understand the significance of our job better than ever before. Life comes first. This is our belief since the beginning of this outbreak. We are deeply proud and grateful for the heroic work done by our colleagues supporting the frontline caregivers. In this particular period, our daily life has experienced earthshaking changes as well as workflows."

"Every device matters."

Realizing the key role we played in this pandemic, EDAN responded to the outbreak quickly. EDAN prioritized the production of essential devices and doubled its production capacity. While the outbreak shattered the global-connected supply chain system, creating huge challenges for healthcare industries, EDAN proactively sought solutions. Several measures were taken, including the delivery of the needed PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to EDAN's suppliers to guarantee that the business of all of our partners would run smoothly so that they could work together with us to support the frontline. Over 50,000 devices were produced and dispatched between February and April 2020.

"Safety comes first."

We have hundreds of local employees around the globe supporting hard-hit areas. They are unsung heroes. The protection kits and self-protection instructions have been sent globally to each branch office to make sure that all of our staff are being taken care of and that they can support the caregivers. Through April 2020, EDAN provided devices to nearly 140 countries that were suffering from the outbreak. While it is our job to equip those working in medical and healthcare facilities, we are also tirelessly dedicated to keeping our employees safe. We are proud to say that none of our employees contracted the virus. We continue to work hard to keep our staff safe.

"The battle is not over yet."

Even though the outbreak has peaked and the curve has flattened in some countries, we still need to prepare for the possibility of outbreaks in other areas of the world. 'Wait and see' is never a wise choice. Another lesson we learned from this outbreak is how important and effective IT solutions are. With effective IT solutions and remote support platforms, communications between our staff and those in need will be more efficient, resulting in high-quality customer service. Many of our staff are working remotely, significantly reducing the chances of cross-infection. We've been highly invested in IT for many years and will continue in this manner to even further strengthen our global network.

At EDAN, our vision is to improve the human condition with the healthcare products and services we provide. During COVID-19, we've seen this commitment be put into practice in ways we never could have foreseen. We stay with everyone at this difficult time. Our sincere gratitude goes to everyone for their continuous support and trust. As we always said in this pandemic, UNITED WE STAND.

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Source: EDAN Instruments, Inc.
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