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2021-05-12 19:41 1210

HONG KONG, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Effie Greater China "Business, Product, Service Innovation" Specialty Category Committee was held in the form of online meeting. Eight senior practitioners from various industries discussed the category definition, current industry situation and determined the future trend of innovative marketing in the new economic era.

The meeting of the Specialty Category Committee officially announced the addition members to Effie "Business, Product, Service innovation Specialty Category", and also started the 2021 preparation.

The new category is jointly launched to focus on business, product, service innovation

Before the meeting began, Mr. Alex Xu, President of Effie Greater China and Senior Vice President of Effie Worldwide, introduced the operation achievements of 2020 Effie Awards, and shared the strategy and planned for 2021 Effie Greater China. He pointed out that "Our mission is to adhere to the business value of 'connectivity, creativity and leadership', and to build the marketing business value. Today, we joined hands with Kraft Heinz to launch the 'Business, Product, Service Innovation Specialty Category', aiming to fully explore excellent cases, so as to summarize its successful methodology, guide industry innovation and improve innovation quality and efficiency."

As for the new category cooperation, Mr. Allen Cai, Head of the Kraft Heinz Asia Pacific Consumer Insight/Digital/Media/Content Center, said: "Kraft Heinz's product line covers all aspects from catering to retail. We have built six new platforms to comprehensively optimize and upgrade the consumer experience. This year, by means of Effie, a global well-known effectiveness platform, we will tap new ideas in the industry and provide better reference, thus creating more efficient business, products and services."

The committee members express their opinions and brainstorm for the future development of the new category

Starting from their own industry fields, members of the specialty category committee expressed their opinions and suggestions on the specialty category for business, product, service innovation, and especially made in-depth exchanges on the category definition.

Allen Cai

Many new consumption scenarios have emerged in the post-COVID-19 era, forcing companies and enterprises to speed up product iteration and technological transformation, thereby creating possibilities of more business models in the new digital environment. At the same time, with the increasing fragmentation in consumers' life, they have higher demands for quality content. The opportunity and challenge facing the marketing industry is how enterprises can realize long-effectiveness reach of consumers through fast iterative optimization of contents.

Jessie Guo

In view of uncertainties in the market, many industry practitioners choose to test with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model, which may be a development direction for the industry in future. At the same time, digital transformation of enterprises is closely related to people. The front-line marketing staff may realize excellent business innovation by means of data understanding and demand insight based on code-free/ less-code development, which will open a new prelude for global innovation.

Guo Xiao

Due to fragmented and diversified values nowadays, the demand for individual self-expression is at a loss in the traditional fields and ways, and there is no suitable exit. Based on the accurate understanding of the needs of the new generation of consumers, Pop Mart is always innovating. In product form or sales channels, from offline to online, Pop Mart is committed to realizing the entertainment of trendy product retail and creating a unique social scene, thus making it a run among young people.

Muthu K

In terms of market innovation, Chinese brands perform better than international brands. Local brands have a better understanding of the current situation of Chinese market and the needs of consumers, and therefore can launch new goods or services at the fastest speed to meet the needs of the market.

Siyuan Aw

During the epidemic, both governments and enterprises in China have made a quick response, and market emergencies have forced enterprises to carry out strategic adjustment and innovation. One is to accelerate innovation, such as the popularization of online education and online meeting; the other is the transformation based on the survival pressure of enterprises, allowing them to rapidly be devoted to another field to tap the market. The rapid recovery and growth of the Chinese market reflects the innovation and adaptability of the Chinese market.

Yao Qihua

Due to the COVID-19, people have paid more attention to health, and the market has also embraced digitalization. Through the regulation and control during the COVID, China has successfully resumed the operation and production as early as possible. Previous face-to-face meetings can now be held online, without reducing affinity. The current user behavior is changing with mobile and intelligent lifestyle. I hope to have in-depth discussion on how brands can bring consumers closer.

Zhi Qiang

With the changing market environment, different industries are seeking breakthrough from their respective perspectives, and combining different marketing methods through innovation to achieve brand increment. Though being tiny, many creative points do solve the users' bottlenecks. I hope that to explore and provide new methods and reference for the industry by tapping such creative ideas.

Finally, the category is divided into two types: business innovation, product and/or service innovation, aiming to recognize single marketing and business activities or overall marketing projects for business, product and service innovation. Participants are required to elaborate on their challenges, current situation and competitive pattern, as well as the positive impact of product, service or business innovation on the market positioning of their enterprises or commercial brands.

Activities satisfying the definition of this type include: product and/or service innovation; changes in appearance and dimensions of product packaging; design; technological or user experience innovation of products, services or businesses; consumers' participation in product development; operation upgrade, etc.

At the same time, member of the specialty category committee will join hands with Effie Greater China in the coming year to build a new specialty category with more influence in the industry.

Members of Effie Greater China Business, Product, Service Innovation Specialty Category Committee

Alex Xu, President of Effie Greater China, SVP of Effie Worldwide
Allen Cai, Consumer Market Insight/Digitalization/Media/Content at Kraft Heinz Asia
Jessie Guo, Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft Greater China
Guo Xiao, Chief Marketing Officer of Pop Mart
Muthu K, General Partner of Budweiser Asia Pacific Venture Capital Fund
Siyuan Aw, Chief Strategy Officer of BBH Shanghai
Eva Yao, Head of Marketing Innovation, Digital Transformation Project Lead for AP Region at Bayer Healthcare China
Zhi Qiang, Head of Brand Marketing at Meituan

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