Elevoc deploys real-time AI Noise reduction in the Lenovo YOGA Slim 9i

2020-12-01 19:10 1585

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently Lenovo unveiled the latest flagship model in its YOGA family: YOGA Slim 9i. This laptop offers an enhanced voice and communication experience exclusively powered by Elevoc's solution: Vocplus PC.

Elevoc's Vocplus PC is a third-party AI speech enhancement solution that runs on the Intel GNA (Gaussian Neural Accelerator). It combines Deep Learning and signal processing technology, which extracts speech intelligently from background noises. As a result, the recognition rate of voice assistants such as Cortana or Alexa on a PC is exponentially improved, even in high noise environments.

The sudden risen in need for remote work and online education has resulted in a large-scale spike in demand for the audio and video conferencing industry.

As a universally acknowledged drawback, disturbing background noises are a diminishing factor toward the audio/video conferencing experience. In order to combat this flaw, Elevoc proudly introduces Vocplus PC, integrated with its patented AI noise reduction technology that can remove 96% of dynamic noises.

Equipped with Elevoc's Vocplus PC solution, sounds such as dogs barking, keyboards clicking, howling, babies crying can be efficiently filtered, resulting in a crystal-clear auditory experience. Unlike traditional signal processing methods, Elevoc's approach is a supervised and data-driven approach built on mimicking the human auditory system's processing mechanisms and supported by the Deep Neural Network.  

Moreover, the Vocplus PC solution is able to improve voice wake up and speech recognition rates of voice assistants such as Cortana and Alexa in noisy environments by its Deep Learning and microphone array technologies.

In collaboration with Intel and Lenovo, Elevoc Vocplus PC solution has already been proved by Microsoft Teams Certification, as well as Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa test certifications. It is currently available in the market now.

About Elevoc

Elevoc was founded in 2017 in Shenzhen, China. As a leading machine-hearing solution provider, Elevoc proudly delivers CASA (Computational Auditory Scene Analysis) and DL (Deep Learning) based speech enhancement and voice interaction solutions. These solutions are adaptable to a wide range of products such as smartphones, headphones, PCs, VoIP, automotive, and smart home devices.

Elevoc has forged partnerships with well-known semiconductors including Qualcomm, Intel, arm, CEVA, Cirrus Logic, Infineon, Rockchip, BES, etc., and successfully served customers including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Lenovo, Motorola, ZTE, Edifier, DiDi, OnePlus, Nubia, Black Shark, Hytera, Cheetah Mobile, 51Talk.


Source: Elevoc