Embracing Win-win Cooperation - ASEAN Consul Generals, officials and representatives of chambers of commerce in Guangzhou visited Biosyngen

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GUANGZHOU, China, May 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On the morning of May 27, 2022, Mr. Loh Tuck Keat, Consul General of Singapore in Guangzhou, and representatives of Consulates General and Chambers of Commerce of eight countries, namely Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia, visited China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City  (CSGKC) and inspected Singapore Biosyngen Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Biosyngen). Officials of Guangzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development District Government, China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Construction Office and representatives of state-owned enterprises accompanied the visit.

ASEAN Consul Generals, officials and Biosyngen management team
ASEAN Consul Generals, officials and Biosyngen management team

The event was initiated by Mr. Loh Tuck Keat, Consul General of Singapore in Guangzhou, to further promote the construction of East Asia under the framework of RCEP by virtue of the strengths and advantages of CSGKC in industrial layout, technological innovation and international cooperation. With the building of a main platform of economic and trade cooperation, comprehensive and high quality cooperation between ASEAN countries and China is to be strengthened.

Visiting Biosyngen and watching introduction film
Visiting Biosyngen and watching introduction film

During their visit, the consuls and officials of ASEAN countries in Guangzhou and representatives of chambers of commerce inspected the largest commercial production base of immune cell drugs in South China of Biosyngen, which is designed, built and managed according to GMP standards. The production base is equipped with the most advanced production quality control facilities in the industry, realizing automatized, fully-closed and personalized manufacturing, enabling rapid industrialization of cutting-edge technologies and achievements in biological research and providing patients with safe, high-quality, affordable and high-end immune cell therapy products.

Dr. Han Deping, CEO of Biosyngen, introduced the company's pipeline products, scientific and technological achievements, scientists team and cooperative institutions as well as the layout of the industrial chain to the representatives of consulates and chambers of commerce.

He said, as a model enterprise of China-Singapore cooperation, the company will utilize the national strategy and international opportunities, rely on its own advanced technology, take advantage of international cooperation, promote the RCEP member countries to form closer ties in biomedical technology cooperation and talent exchange. Biosyngen aims to quickly translate the rich clinical practice in China to provide global patients with quality and affordable products to improve the accessibility of disease treatment and benefit the majority of patients.

Professor Jean-Paul Thiery, Chief Scientific Advisor and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Biosyngen, highlighted the company's products and technological advancements to the consuls.

Professor Jean-Paul Thiery said, EBV infection is closely related to the development of many kinds of tumors, and Biosyngen insists on the combination of independent R&D and exclusive licensing. It has obtained the exclusive global license of CAR-T and TCR-T products from the world's leading research institutes for the treatment of EBV-related tumors. The company's R&D team has established a multi-pipeline of products for unmet medical needs.

ASEAN Consul Generals and officials learning about Biosyngen products
ASEAN Consul Generals and officials learning about Biosyngen products

After the visit, representatives from consulates and chambers of commerce exchanged views with the management team of Biosyngen on the characteristics of products, advanced and differentiated technologies, the international environment of biopharmaceutical industry, as well as supporting strategies, intellectual property protection, international talent exchange and cooperation of enterprises in CSGKC.

Mr. Loh Tuck Keat, Consul General of Singapore in Guangzhou said, it is very gratifying to see that Biosyngen has gained such rapid development in the CSGKC. Singapore, as the first ASEAN member country to complete the official approval process of RCEP, will focus on promoting all-round and deep cooperation between China and ASEAN.

In biomedicine, he mentioned that, the RCEP has reduced tariffs on products related to the biomedical industry, as well as the cost of exporting some of China's advantageous products to the markets of the parties to the agreement, ultimately benefiting the people of the member countries. It also helped strengthen ties with global supply chains, enhance the resilience of industrial chains and supply chains, highlight the advantages of financing, reduce uncertainties in foreign investment and cooperation among Chinese enterprises. Biosyngen is the link of China-Singapore cooperation. The more open, diversified, friendly and convenient environment created by RCEP is conducive for Biosyngen to promote intra-regional pharmaceutical R&D cooperation, to deeply integrate into the global industry.

Visiting the lab
Visiting the lab

The consuls and representatives also visited the R&D facilities, laboratory and office area of Biosyngen. The representatives were left with a wonderful and deep impression of Biosyngen's production and R&D environment. The consuls expressed that international exchange and cooperation will promote closer contact and understanding between countries. Building an East Asia economic and trade cooperation platform with China under the framework of RCEP will give ASEAN countries a head start. The CSGKC is attractive because of its continuous development momentum. At present, China-ASEAN relations have become a successful model of regional cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and a vivid example of promoting the building of a community of human destiny.

At present, the CSGKC has gradually formed an industrial structure led by six major industries such as biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and new energy, and the industrial gathering effect is obvious. As an enterprise rooted in the CSGKC, Biosyngen will give full play to its special role of "pioneer, leader and demonstrator" in the innovation-driven development strategy and become a new model of China-Singapore cooperation and high-quality development.

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