EngageRocket's HR Outlook 2024 reveals 4 proactive workplace approaches for thriving amidst global economic shifts

2024-01-29 13:49 1340

SINGAPORE, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for resilient leadership in companies, which are now adapting to new challenges like geopolitical tensions, inflation, and ESG concerns. These factors demand proactive organisational strategies for success.

EngageRocket's HR Outlook 2024, drawing from interviews with over 100 global HR leaders and analysis of millions of employee survey responses, outlines four key work trends for 2024 and offers expert recommendations for businesses:

1) Proactive organisational change as a strategy to thrive amidst macro shocks 

EngageRocket's research finds that 45% of HR leaders consider "organisational transformation" as their top priority for 2024. Our study reveals that 37% of employees feel their teams lack innovative behaviours, potentially leaving companies vulnerable to macro changes.

These insights suggest a "transformation deficit", emphasising the need for HR and organisations to mobilise workforces, leverage restructuring and rethink processes to better navigate current and future macro shocks. 

2) Gen AI: Addressing the future of work with thoughtful consideration, not hype

Only 5% of HR leaders named AI as their top priority. In EngageRocket's survey, AI comes in at No.9 among the 10 priorities for HR. There is a sense of organisational hesitation when it comes to AI, which must be overcome in 2024.

3) Employee engagement is a collective responsibility 

84% of employees trust their managers, according to our research. The role of leaders and managers who have earned employees' trust cannot be undermined. In 2024, employee engagement is a collective responsibility, and managers have an important role to play with the constant support of HR.

4) The 3 Cs of driving performance: Connection, Conversation, and Coaching 

Traditional approach to performance management and reviews tends to be ineffective and has been for a long time. Based on conversations with over 100 global HR leaders, the solution to this challenge must be multi-faceted and encompass three aspects – connection, conversation, and coaching. 

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