Envision releases first carbon neutrality report on Envision Net Zero Day, pledges to achieve carbon neutrality in operations by 2022

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SHANGHAI, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Envision Group, a world-leading green technology company, today hosted its Net Zero Day event in Shanghai. During the event, Envision released its first carbon neutrality report and announced a time line to achieve carbon neutrality. It also launched the Envision Ark Carbon Management System and the green charging robot, Mochi. Sequoia Capital China and Microsoft, among other Envision net-zero partners, also attended the event to discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions as the world undergoes the net-zero transformation.

Envision promises to be operation-level carbon neutral by 2022
Envision promises to be operation-level carbon neutral by 2022

Zhang Lei, Envision Group CEO announced that the company will be carbon neutral in its global business operations by 2022 and across the value chain by 2028. In doing so, Envision has become the first Chinese company to pledge carbon neutrality across its entire value chain as early as 2028.

"Addressing the challenges posed by climate change are critical to the survival of humanity. As a green technology company, Envision's mission is to solve the challenges for a sustainable future. We have set an ambitious target for ourselves: we will take the lead in achieving carbon neutrality, empower our partners to do the same, and help build a net-zero economy", adds Zhang Lei.

With the support of Carbon Trust, an international independent consulting organization, Envision released its first carbon neutrality report, which presented environmental data across Envision Group's operations and value chain. The report analyzed Envision's business sectors and regions, and unveiled a detailed and science-based emission reduction road map for Envision to achieve operation-level carbon neutrality by 2022, and value chain carbon neutrality by 2028.

At the event, Envision launched Envision Ark Carbon Management System and the world's first mass-produced green charging robot, Mochi. Based on AIoT technology, Envision Ark Carbon Management System can monitor real-time carbon footprints, and automatically generate carbon emission reports. The Ark system can also simulate and optimize emission reduction roadmap for future offset planning while allowing users to directly purchase green electricity, obtain green certificates, and trade carbon sinks. For enterprise users, Envision's Ark Carbon Management System is an end-to-end solution for carbon neutralization. Envision's green charging robot, Mochi, is powered by 100% certified and traceable green electricity. It can automatically find and charge EVs, making 100% green and convenient travel a reality. Mochi will be commercially available in June this year.

"It is not enough for Envision to be an industry pioneer, but to become a net-zero technology partner as well. We want to help more companies and governments to achieve carbon neutrality together," Zhang Lei said that Envision is helping partners including Microsoft, CapitaLand among others, accelerate the zero-carbon transformation.

Envision and Sequoia Capital China jointly launched the "Carbon Neutrality Key Technologies" Eco-Partners Project.
Envision and Sequoia Capital China jointly launched the "Carbon Neutrality Key Technologies" Eco-Partners Project.

Sequoia Capital China, one of Envision's strategic net-zero partners, launched its "Move Forward to Net-Zero: A Green Transformation Based on Technological Innovation" report during the event. Fu Xin, Partner of Sequoia Capital China, highlighted 10 major technology trends that could accelerate commercialization, and announced Sequoia Capital China's 10 action plans for carbon neutrality. Fu said, "Carbon neutrality cannot be achieved without technology. We have identified ten technological trends that can speed up commercialization, create synergies, and accelerate industrial growth."

Neil Shen, Steward of Sequoia Capital, and Zhang Lei jointly launched "Sequoia China & Envision Carbon Neutral Key Technology Eco-Partnership Program". The program covers a "3+N" system, including a report on breakthrough carbon neutral technologies, an invitation to carbon neutral technology innovators, and an eco-system that allows new tech application, and many more activities.

Neil Shen, said, "We believe that the products and services that change the world must be rooted in technological innovation. To achieve carbon neutrality, we need new technologies. Technology is the most important element in energy transition, in which digital technology will play a critical role. Today we launched the Eco-Partnership Program together with Envision, hoping to provide funding, application scenarios, and other support to technology innovators, and contribute to achieving the '30/60' goal."

Zhang Lei said Envision and Sequoia will create application scenarios in the net-zero industrial park, use innovative means to boost technological breakthrough, empower innovative enterprises, and help build a net-zero economy.

Dr. Yang Hou, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, also attended the event and gave a keynote speech. Dr. Hou shared Microsoft's green commitment and practices. He said, "Microsoft and Envision have extensive cooperation in the fields of energy, sustainability and AloT. In the future, we will continue to deepen digital innovation and zero-carbon development. We hope that more zero-carbon partners will join to accelerate the global carbon-neutral transformation."

Roundtable with Net-Zero Partners
Roundtable with Net-Zero Partners

A roundtable was followed with representatives from Kering, Novartis, Bosch, Schaeffler, and McKinsey, as net-zero partners, sharing their challenges and innovative practices.

At the end of the event, Envision purchased green certificates based on real-time data, making the event carbon neutral. 

About Envision Group

Envision Group is a world leading greentech company. With the mission of 'solving the challenges for a sustainable future'. Envision designs, sells, and operates smart wind turbines and smart storage system through Envision Energy; AIoT-powered batteries through Envision AESC; and the world's largest AIoT operating system through Envision Digital. It also owns Envision Virgin Racing Formula E team.

Envision Group was ranked among the Top 10 of the 2019 'World's 50 Smartest Companies' by the MIT Technology Review. As an innovation powerhouse, it leverages global network of R&D and engineering centers across China, Unite States, Germany, Denmark, Singapore and Japan, leading global green technology development. Envision Group joined the global 'RE100' initiative and became the first company in mainland China committed to 100% renewable electricity by 2025. 

On April 22, 2021, Envision Group announced it will achieve carbon neutral in operations by 2022 and achieve carbon neutral throughout its value chain by 2028.

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