Establishment of Bo'ao Winhealth Rare Disease Medical Center in Hainan Province

2020-11-18 10:00 1770

BOAO, China, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 14th, 2020, Bo'ao Winhealth Rare Disease Medical Center was officially launched, jointly built by Hainan Bo'ao International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone Administration, Winhealth Pharma Group (HK) and Bo'ao Worldlight Hospital.

Main leaders of Hainan Provincial Health Commission, Hainan Medical Products Administration, Hainan Bo'ao International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone Administration, Winhealth Pharma Group (HK), Bo'ao worldlight hospital, etc attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Authoritative experts on rare diseases from major Chinese provinces and cities, representatives from China biggest patient groups like ICF and CORD and representatives from multi-national pharmaceutical companies attended as well. Besides, Winhealth and Ethypharm completed the signing ceremony of orphan drug Orphacol®.

Since acquiring the authorization from Lecheng Administration, the center has established cooperation with various experts and institutes for rare diseases, patient groups and various domestic and oversea pharmaceutical companies. With the mission of "To become the most comprehensive and advanced rare disease medical center with the most advanced medical services in China, Southeast Asia and other surrounding areas", the center will actively explore successful operation models to bridge to future national rare disease medical center. The functions of the center include introducing advanced rare disease medicines and devices, providing high-end medical services, cooperating with manufacturers, insurance companies and other stakeholders to solve affordability issues, undertaking real-world studies in the short term, and other clinical trials in the future to support registration of overseas rare disease products in China, hosting and participating in domestic and oversea academic activities and patient group activities to facilitate the improvement of disease awareness and the level of diagnosis and treatment for rare diseases.

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Source: Winhealth Pharma Group HK