Establishment of Strategic Alliance between Xi Cheng Education Consulting (Guangdong) and Leadership and Management Institute (Singapore)

Creating a powerful education concoction

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Xi Cheng Education Consulting Co., Ltd. ("Xi Cheng") announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with the Leadership and Management Institute ("LMI"). Both institutions will be collaborating in areas of research, academic resources and internship opportunities for aspiring students who want an education in the top colleges and universities in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

With more than 20 years under her belt, Ms Linda Yuan, founder of Xi Cheng, believes that the only way for Chinese students to better contribute to their motherland is to learn from the best colleges the world has to offer. She believes that Chinese students who study abroad and eventually return home are more critical and entrepreneurial. She is connected to some of the best companies to work for in China, and hopes that through LMI's connection with companies outside China, the alliance between the two organizations will allow students to intern with those companies. She believes such internship will encourage the students to use their newfound knowledge to contribute to and improve the lives of their fellow countrymen when they return to China.

Since 2015, Xi Cheng has successfully helped a couple of dozens of Chinese students admitted to the top 50 US and UK universities through LMI's unique mentoring and coaching system. With a 95% success rate, Xi Cheng is ranked among one of the top education consulting agencies based in Guangdong Province. Together with LMI's unique mentoring and coaching system, admitted students are taught the secrets to top universities and college admission. Students follow a set of proven system and strategy, where top faculty members conduct their lessons and tutorials using flipped classroom, interactive online learning classes, blended learning and traditional learning methodologies.

Admission to top universities, together with the opportunity to intern at some of the very best companies can be a powerful concoction. With the strategic alliance in admission and internship, students will be able to put what they learned in LMI into actual real world practice during their internship. Victoria Shi, an admitted LMI student who is doing her internship at Xi Cheng, said: "I am very grateful for the opportunity and I have honed my interpersonal skills and creativity during my internship. I hope this will give me an advantage over my peers when I apply for university admission as I feel more confident about my abilities after my internship."

A student from Guizhou, Bill Rao, was admitted to the undergraduate program in Harvard University after undergoing LMI's admission mentorship. During the interview, he said: "I never thought that I am able to be admitted to Harvard. Till today, it is a dream for not just myself, but my friends too! I never expected that the systematic training in university application, English intensive lessons and the letter of recommendations from my professors would help me in my admission. With so many education consulting agencies in China, it's hard to find the gems among the stones. I believe Xi Cheng is the right choice for those who aspire to enter the very best colleges and universities, and I hope to share my success story with other Chinese students who dare to dream like me. Through systematic coaching, not sheer luck, more Chinese students will have the opportunity to be admitted to the world's top universities."

In another interview, Marcel Ren from Macau, found that the English training in China and Macau is drastically different from the one he experienced in Singapore and the US through LMI. The difference was so huge for him that he has to re-orientate and adjust himself to match the gap in standards and proficiency. One of the key differences he observes is how students in Singapore are trained to be more critical and creative in their thinking, while learning was more of a memory game back home. He credits Xi Cheng for the opportunity to study in Singapore, and hopes to be admitted to a top US university to continue his learning journey in the United States.

Cheng Yunlong, the Director of Xi Cheng, said: "Xi Cheng's success is not a one-off event. Our education consultants are either current students or graduates from the top universities and colleges in the world, including Harvard University. Also, Xi Cheng's advisors are principals from top high schools in China, and top faculty members from elite universities in the UK and the US. With this new strategic alliance formed, our students stand to gain valuable internship opportunities while at the same time get admitted to the world's best universities."

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Source: Xi Cheng Education Consulting (Guangdong)