Explosive game "The Legend of Neverland" lands in Europe and the United States with over 2 million reservations

2022-07-15 18:44 2510

BEIJING, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 2022 Chinese manufacturers MMO games are developing rapidly overseas, and the explosive MMORPG "The Legend of Neverland" by Ark Games, a subsidiary of Kunlun Tech, continues to expand to the European and American markets after achieving excellent results in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

"The Legend of Neverland" officially opened pre-registration in more than 160 countries in Europe and the United States at the end of April, and the dual-platform reservation volume reached 1 million on June 20. The product got the recommended position in the whole region of Google Play platform, and as of now, the reservation volume has exceeded 2 million, and is moving towards the goal of 3 million reservations. The game is expected to be officially launched at the end of August.

In the game, players can walk around every corner of the map as much as possible in the vast world, and also leisurely fish, swim, catch insects, plant flowers, play the piano and dance, you can get unexpected fun in this game.

The big world, light adventure style of "The Legend of Neverland" was well received upon its release. The game combines the world background of the Tree of Life and the positioning of the "Mori" style, and incorporates the "flower spirit" into the game, bringing a lot of freshness to the players.

Through the gorgeous visual presentation, vivid character portrayal, smooth and harsh battle scenes and a grand and complete worldview structure. "The Legend of Neverland" creates an immersive gaming experience with cinematic graphics, which has received unanimous praise from gamers around the world.

After its official launch in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan in February 2022, "The Legend of Neverland" achieved the 9th, 8th and 4th best-selling IOS game charts in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau respectively, and its single-day revenue exceeded RMB 2.5 million.

Ark Games is an important global mobile game platform of Kunlun Tech, whose business scope covers the development, distribution and operation of mobile games, as well as the agency distribution of high-quality game products at home and abroad. The game categories include MMORPG, RPG, SLG, casual, etc., mainly for Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets.

Source: Ark Games