Ferguson Hyams Multi-Strategy Fund (FHMSF) Added to Quilter and Clearstream Platforms

Ferguson Hyams
2020-10-22 14:58 1537

BRISBANE, Australia, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ferguson Hyams Multi-Strategy Fund (FHMSF) has received a major boost after being added to the Quilter International and Clearstream Banking S.A platforms just weeks after being officially launched.

The Fund, which was created by former UBS Managing Director Gideon Hyams and automated trading research expert Luke Ferguson, is now available to professional investors around the world with access to the market-leading platforms.

The Fund is now available to over 4,000 independent financial adviser firms using the Quilter International (ISIN BMG475747884) open architecture products.

The fund is also now available on Clearstream's Vestima platform (ISIN BMG475747629), the world's largest cross-border fund processing platform. The platforms support cross-border distribution for a range of managed investments, including mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds.

With more than 190,000 investment funds from 43 jurisdictions, Vestima is the world's largest cross-border fund processing platform.

The FHMSF was officially launched in mid-August and achieved a positive 1.69% return in its first full month. The fund is managed by Bermuda-registered Incu Capital Management Limited who has appointed Ferguson Hyams Investment Management, as the fund's sole investment advisor.

FHIM Chief Investment Officer Gideon Hyams, a former managing director at UBS with 20 years' experience of trading and risk-managing one of the world's largest FX Options books, said the addition of the Fund to the platforms would significantly increase its accessibility.

He said the Fund had received a positive response from investors in Australia following its launch last month.

"With deposit rates expected to stay at extremely low levels for the long-term, we saw the need for liquid alternative products within an easy to access investment vehicle that can deliver solid risk-weighted returns in volatile markets," Mr Hyams said.

Ferguson Hyams Investment Management (FHIM) has been offering Managed Accounts since 2016 and the recent move to a daily-priced fund offering will give new wholesale investors the first opportunity to access FHIM's liquid trading strategies, which have a low or negative correlation to equities.

The fund currently has five active strategies; including three trading FX and two trading global equalities. By combining a range of actively-managed, uncorrelated strategies, the multi-strategy fund aims to produce 10-15% annual returns with low market exposure. 

The blend of strategies used in the fund has been trading on Ferguson Hyams' capital since the start of 2020 and has delivered a return of +11.87%, with no negative months, and an impressive Sharpe Ratio (which measures the return of an investment compared to its risk) of 2.61. 

Ferguson Hyams Chief Executive Officer Luke Ferguson said 2020 had so far been a great test of the fund's ability to produce consistent returns in volatile markets and a wide range of different trading conditions.

"The blend of strategies has produced an excellent risk weighted return which is demonstrated by the very high Sharpe Ratio," Mr Ferguson said.

The fund has a minimum investment of USD 100,000 and investment is available in either AUD or USD. It offers daily liquidity without any lock-ins, redemption penalties or bid/offer spread.

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DISCLAIMER: Fund launch date was 19th August 2020. Returns before this date are based on actual trading results of five strategies within a managed account structure based on an allocation of 20% to each strategy (statements available upon request). Results are shown since January 2020 as this is when the live track-record of Quant Alpha Equity and GDFX began (the other three strategies have longer live track records). Returns are net of 1.5% Annual Management Fees and 20% Performance Fees (only taken if above the High-Water Mark) deducted daily on a pro-rata basis.

Past performance is no guarantee or reliable indication of future results and all rates of return and past results provided herein are for historical comparison purposes only. Trading involves risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Any advice provided is general advice only and is based solely on consideration of the investment or trading merits of the financial products alone, without considering the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs (i.e. financial circumstances) of any particular person. You must undertake your own investigations and obtain your own advice regarding the suitability of this product for your circumstances. Please ensure read and properly consider all related offer documentation to be fully informed regarding the key risks and costs.

Source: Ferguson Hyams