FiO's First Tech Community Meetup Shows Off Innovative Blockchain Solutions

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TAIPEI, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) enterprise FiO held an informative and well-attended inaugural tech meetup in Taipei on Friday November 8, 2019. The community event featured talks by its developers and a senior IBM consultant, several product demonstrations and productive discussions between attendees.

FiO technology chief Kaede Tai explains the FiO concept and demonstrates the backend management system
FiO technology chief Kaede Tai explains the FiO concept and demonstrates the backend management system

Guest speaker Jack Wu, senior technical consultant at IBM Taiwan's Cloud Computing and Cognitive Software Division shared an overview of IBM's public cloud technology with attendees.

Kaede Tai, FiO's chief technology officer (CTO), gave a detailed explanation and fascinating live demonstration of the FiO ecosystem in action as well as the broader benefits and new applications of blockchain technology. 

With the commercial development and adoption of blockchain technology accelerating in 2019, many traditional industries are now investing significant research and resources into the nascent technology. With a focus on integrating blockchain technology into existing solutions, first-mover companies like FiO are facilitating the upgrading, scaling and improved efficiency of current business operations through sophisticated yet intuitive plug-and-play blockchain applications. 

FiO enables any company to build their own customized blockchain on top of its existing platform and tap into a vast and beneficial network of public and private blockchains, through its cross-chain technology.

During the meetup, the FiO CTO also gave an on-the-spot demonstration of its new backend management system for businesses, which is simple and intuitive enough for use by non-technical users.

Kaede said: "We originally targeted engineers directly via the FiO SDK and app.
However, we've made recent technological breakthroughs that remove the need for users to be skilled in programming. Therefore, we're pivoting to a service that will fulfill our mission of bringing "crypto to the community"".

FiO's latest technological advances will form the foundation for the company's 2020 plans to integrate the converging latest digital innovations in 5G, AI, IoT, and Big Data into its service offering. With Asia's tigers and China now heavily investing in blockchain technology to lead the next iteration of the global digital economy, the company is well-positioned to reap the rewards in the near future.

The FiO team has confirmed that their inaugural meetup will be followed by another event in early 2020. 

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