First Asiahub New Media Summit with a Focus on New Developments in the New Media Industry - Great Success through the Joint Efforts of M17 Group and Industry Heavyweights

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TAIPEI, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --The first Asiahub New Media Summit was held in a grand fashion on November 25 and 26, 2019 under the sponsorship of domestic and foreign enterprises including the M17 Group, NETFLIX, Gamania, and Taiwan eSports League (TESL). A total of 60 speakers and representatives from nine countries and 45 industries, governments, and academic organizations were invited to explore core issues of this new media tide through the lens of the three major themes of "streaming, interdisciplinarity, and realization" in 25 exciting discussion sessions and keynote speeches.

Joseph Phua, co-founder and CEO of M17 Group, shared the group's achievements and goals in the summit
Joseph Phua, co-founder and CEO of M17 Group, shared the group's achievements and goals in the summit

In this content-first era, cross-sector collaboration to create maximum value has turned into a key prerequisite for the export of outstanding content produced in Taiwan. Joseph Phua, co-founder and CEO of M17 Group, the largest live streaming and social entertainment company in Asia, M17 Group CFO Shang Koo and Winnie Yen, the Senior Vice President of 17 Media Taiwan provided an in-depth analysis of cooperation with traditional media, the impact in the field of OTT in the age of streaming, and the transformation of new media in keynote speeches and discussions. They shared their opinions and insights on how to consolidate a leadership position in the live streaming industry through continued innovation on the basis of synergistic cooperation between lives-streaming and traditional media.

In view of the rapid growth of the live streaming market in recent years, numerous brands and media have become active in this industry, offering consumer groups that belong to the Internet generation with a wider range of choices. M17 Group relies on the application of innovative technologies and deep insights into digital and full linkage coupled with constant creation of top-quality multimedia contents and diversified profitability models to strengthen its leadership position in the fiercely competitive live streaming market. Phua pointed out that "content innovation is the key to success of the group. Diversified and varied contents and premium interactive user experiences are realized through systematic recruitment, training, and management of live streaming hosts and provision of professional resources and live streaming courses, while harnessing cutting-edge technologies. These efforts, which have earned the group praise from a large number of users and approval from its partners, are also widely acclaimed by the industry."

M17 Group constantly provides high-quality professional content via digital management system for content creators coupled with the utilization of new tools and technical training. Through the constant creation of diversified and varied contents, the group brings new sparks to different platforms and media vehicles. The goal is to usher in a revolutionary age of co-prosperity of new and traditional media. Live-streaming media are capable of providing traditional media with numerous added values including a second live setting for real-time broadcasts or instant opinion polls. Superior new media or live-streaming contents can also provide a stimulus for content creation by traditional media. Finally, diversified realization equations can be formulated through the cooperation of entertainment platforms, talent agencies, original multimedia content creators, and advertising and e-commerce platforms. Looking ahead, M17 Group will strive to expand its market presence and consolidate its social live ecosystem through utilization of various elements including social media, new trends, sports, fashion, and music in a determined effort to generate more high-quality content and extraordinary experiences.

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