Foreign Internet Celebrities on Trip to Explore Shaanxi

China Media Group CRIOnline
2020-11-05 14:40 518

XI'AN, China, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A reporting activity-International Internet Celebrities Witnessing the Happiness of Shaanxi People, was launched on November 2 in Xixian New Area of Shaanxi province, with China Media Group CRI Online and the province's cyberspace administration as co-organizers.

Popular "we media" writers from Britain, France, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain will visit Fengxi New City in Xixian New Area, Gaoling District of Xi'an City and Dali County in Weinan City during a tour that will last through November 6.

They will experience Shaanxi's latest progress in developing innovative cities, building a beautiful countryside and promoting the integration of culture and tourism and appreciate the charm of local intangible cultural heritages during the trip that is expected to showcase the province's achievements in poverty alleviation through tourism, cultural and industrial development.

The trip will be broadcast through VLOGs and short videos on international social media platforms.

At the opening ceremony, Maximiliano Javier Carrera Camacho from Mexico gave a speech on behalf of the participants.

"We expect that through the activity, we will find the answer to why China can win the battle against poverty and achieve progress in city development and urban innovation. We will bring the story of Shaanxi back to our countries and help more people learn about the province so as to promote exchange and cooperation between our countries and Shaanxi and local cities like Xi'an and Weinan."

Noelia Rodriguez Pascual from Spain has been living in China for a long time. In recent years, Shaanxi has become a frequent topic of her discussion with friends.

"I believe Shaanxi, which boasts abundant cultural heritages, will bring us the most memorable and amazing experience."

Matthew Charles Galat is from the United States.

"Xi'an is a modern city. Meanwhile, it has well combined culture, history and modernity. I'm looking forward to the trip and I hope that I can show the happiness in Shaanxi to my followers."

Source: China Media Group CRIOnline