Foundry Mixer Healthcare, Indonesian Minister of Health Budi G. Sadikin: "Together We Leapfrog Indonesia's Healthcare Transformation"

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Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, emphasized that investing in the Health Technology and Biotechnology sector serves not only business prospects but also strengthens Indonesia's health resilience and adds value to healthcare.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Foundry, an ecosystem that connects the champions of innovation in Indonesia, is once again hosting the Foundry Mixer, this time focusing on the healthcare sector with the theme "Industry Collaboration to Leapfrog Indonesia's Healthcare Transformation." Foundry Mixer Healthcare brought together more than 150 participants from the healthcare industry, including government officials, hospital and pharmaceutical company CEOs, senior executives representing multinational and regional corporations, founders of healthcare-focused startups, and global investors.

Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin during Foundry Mixer Healthcare, (12/9)
Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin during Foundry Mixer Healthcare, (12/9)

The speakers and panelists in this event include His Excellency Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Indonesian Minister of Health), Adam Ghobarah (Founder of Top Harvest Capital), Aloysius Liang (Founder & CEO of Asa Ren), Anthony Amni (Country General Manager of AWS Indonesia), Ghufron Mukti (President Director of BPJS Kesehatan), Gitta Amelia (Founder & CEO of Filmore), Gunawan Susanto (Partner of Maven Asia Capital), Roy Himawan (Director of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Resilience, Indonesian Ministry of Health).

Indonesian Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, emphasized that investing in the Health Technology and Biotechnology sector serves not only business prospects but also strengthens Indonesia's health resilience and adds value to healthcare. Through technology, the Ministry of Health has managed to reach more than 105 million people using the SATUSEHAT application, which will be integrated with all healthcare facilities, aiming to build a national health information system.

"My focus is to ensure we can achieve a better quality, more accessible, and more affordable healthcare for all. Recognizing the urgency of healthcare investment, we openly collaborate with the private sector, and the government will support through the regulations to facilitate investors, therefore we must communicate with each other. Foundry has brought together notable investors and entrepreneurs to this event so that we can explore recent innovations and potential investments to work on for the greater good of Indonesia's healthcare," said the Indonesian Minister of Health.

"It's the best time for investors to consider Indonesia's healthcare, as the opportunities are set to skyrocket. With just US$120 now, in 5-10 years, it could potentially grow to around US$2,856, following a similar trajectory as Singapore. Furthermore, considering our population of 270 million, this represents a significant and promising market." H.E. Budi Gunadi Sadikin concluded.

Gunawan Susanto, Partner of Maven Asia Capital, who hosted this intimate and insightful event, highlighted that "Together with all the stakeholders who attended and through the panel discussions, we can foresee a promising future for Indonesia's healthcare. From a financial and investment perspective, Indonesia has successfully attracted global investors' attention among Southeast Asian countries. We will continue to pursue collaboration between the Indonesian government, public enterprises, private companies, and many innovators within the sector to advance Indonesia's healthcare transformation."

Foundry Mixer also serves as a platform for introducing the latest technological innovations to its participants. During the event, Gitta Amelia, Founder & CEO of Filmore, Aloysius Liang, Founder & CEO of Asa Ren, and Anthony Amni from AWS Indonesia presented a range of innovative solutions aimed at advancing the healthcare sector in Indonesia. Filmore is dedicated to addressing critical issues in women's health. Leveraging technology, data, and a variety of feminine products available both online and in retail markets, Filmore has made a significant impact for Indonesian women.

During the presentation, Asa Ren also explained how biotechnology, such as DNA data, has become a crucial aspect in the healthcare sector. Asa Ren itself is the first DNA data company in Indonesia with the most comprehensive bioinformatics in Southeast Asia. Through DNA tests that can be conducted on children to adults, consumers can access various important information, including health risk tendencies, habits and diets, ancestry insights, and other information.

In this event, Foundry Mixer partnered with Maven Asia Capital and AWS as the main sponsors and received support from other sponsors, including Bank Danamon, Metrodata, Asa Ren, Filmore, and Etana Biotech. For further information, please visit


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