From the City to the Baltic Sea: The Versatile GN8 and GA8, Creating Memorable Moments for Drivers Around the World

2021-04-09 20:38 1538

GUANGZHOU, China, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 2021 has seen upgrades to many GAC MOTOR models, as it utilizes extensive consumer research to better satisfy the needs of drivers around the world. Two GAC MOTOR owners are proud of sharing how their chosen models, the GN8 and GA8, have become an integral part of their lives.



For the owner of a small B&B (bed and breakfast) hotel located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the large, luxurious GN8 is the perfect way to ferry passengers.

"I care deeply about the minute details of each guest's stay," the hotel owner told GAC MOTOR. "I take the GN8 to meet incoming guests from all over the world, letting them feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sights as we drive."

The 7-seater GN8's spacious interior is perfect for families or traveling groups, and has plenty of room for luggage, meaning that loading at the airport is quick and easy. When driving, the panoramic sky window also provides an exciting view into the clouds, starting the holiday atmosphere early; journeys back from the airport are usually lively, with children pointing out circling seagulls overhead.

"It's the perfect vehicle for my business needs," the hotel owner smiles.


For a different type of driver, the smooth handling and effortless comfort of the GA8 represent precious relaxation time after a long day at work.

"After a long day, my muscles tend to have built up a lot of tension. Driving home in the GA8 is my own time, when I can slow down, sink into the seat and de-stress. By the time I'm home, I'm a long way towards feeling like my natural, easygoing self again."

The luxury GA8 has a high-class appearance suitable for business travel, but at the same time, its interior is designed to maximize comfort. "I love walking back to my car at the end of the day," the GA8 owner laughs. For him, his GAC MOTOR vehicle represents much-needed respite after the challenges of the day.

Excellent experiences of the GAC MOTOR car owners like these are the motivation for GAC MOTOR's continued innovation. GAC MOTOR looks forward to creating more small moments of joy for drivers around the world.

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