Fuji Television Announces Its Latest Format "Quiz Pinch Hitter" and "Idea Chef" at MIPCOM 2020 for Global Distribution

TOKYO, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuji Television Network, Inc. is proud to announce its latest non-scripted format "Quiz Pinch Hitter" and "Idea Chef" at MIPCOM 2020 for global distribution in the international market.


Image1: "Quiz Pinch Hitter"

Image2: "Idea Chef"

Working closely with legendary TV scriptwriter Yasushi Akimoto, who is behind Japanese pop group AKB48 to produce this non-scripted format, "Quiz Pinch Hitter" is a completely new quiz show where contestants don't have to answer questions.

In this information society where everything can be found online, this quiz show will ask questions across topics such as video games, anime, math, food, and trivia which cannot be easily answered.

Different from normal quiz shows, this quiz does not ask contestants to solve the quiz itself but asks anyone in their network who is considered a "pinch hitter" to get the answer. Contestants' networks of connections of friends and followers on social media are used to solve super difficult problems during live broadcast.

(Broadcasted live on July 10, 24:55-26:55)

"Idea Chef" is a food battle show where an unimaginable unique recipe comes up. Get ingredients for the recipe at a place announced on the spot. A first-class chef, a popular cuisine YouTuber and a charismatic housewife battle in a serious cooking showdown using only ingredients announced on the spot.

Watch how these chefs come up with "Idea Cuisine" using ingredients sold at a convenience/grocery store. Audience can try these ultimate dishes made with their everyday ingredients at home.

(Broadcasted on August 14, 25:35-26:35)

Comment from Yuki Matsumoto (Producer of "Quiz Pinch Hitter" and "Idea Chef"/Variety Production Department, Fuji TV) and Ryuji Komiya (Head of Format, Fuji TV):

"We hope it would be adapted locally in many countries, as both programs' format can be easily adapted locally even in this COVID-19 situation. Quiz Pinch Hitter's contestants participated remotely and Idea Chef's filming took place in an outside environment by using a food truck to cook given recipes."


Fuji Television (or Fuji TV for short) continues to maintain its status as an innovative leader in Japan's television industry since its establishment in 1959.

Source: Fuji Television Network, Inc.
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