Futu Securities Forms Volunteer Team on 10th Anniversary to Serve Corporate Social Responsibility

Nearly a Hundred Volunteers Participate in Shoreline Cleanup Operation for the Second Year

HONG KONG, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The volunteer team of Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited ("Futu"), a leading tech-driven digitalized brokerage and wealth management platform, carried out a shoreline cleanup operation at Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun last Saturday to protect the marine environment for a sustainable future. Futu is committed to driving good corporate citizenship to give back to society, by organizing shoreline cleanups for the second year.

Taking Action to Address the Vast Marine Debris Problem 

While nurturing the investment ecosystem to empower investors of all ages with greater access to the market, Futu deeply understands that a healthy environment and soil are essential for all to thrive. Nearly 1,600 tons[1] of marine debris were collected from the beaches in 2021, according to the government's statistics. It is equivalent to the weight of approximately 106 double-decker buses[2], causing harmful impacts on the environment. Preserving our precious coastal resources, Mr. Arthur Yu Chen, Managing Director of Futu Securities, together with about a hundred employees, collected and categorized different types of garbage, and transported them to a local Waste Treatment Centre in batches. We hope to draw awareness of coastal landscape and marine ecosystem protection through our actions.

Mr. Arthur Yu Chen said, "With our endeavor to fulfill corporate social responsibility in the spirit of "giving back to society", we shoulder our part to foster sustainable development. As a brand supported by over 40% of the local adult population as a Futubull user[3], Futu shares the same will to make Hong Kong a better place. Looking ahead, Futu will continue actively supporting various kinds of community activities, as well as initiating diverse CSR programs with partners sharing like minds. Besides coastal cleanup, I expect to see more collaborative efforts with our volunteer team to demonstrate our commitment to promoting sustainability and innovation in every corner of the community, benefiting more Hong Kongers."

About Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited

Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited is a licensed company recognized by the Securities and Futures Commission. Futu has sustained high growth momentum since its establishment in 2012, securing its market leadership in Hong Kong by the number of clients, with its trading volume from retail business ranked Top 3 in the market. Based in Hong Kong, Futu Securities is a next-generation online brokerage. By combining technology and an on-the-go trading platform, Futu enhances the overall trading experience and is committed to becoming an influential financial services platform globally. For more information on Futu Securities, please visit our official website at

[1] Data source: Monthly volume of marine debris collected by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department at gazetted beaches
[2] Based on an average bus weight of 15 metric tons
[3] Data as at end of June this year from

Source: Futu Securities International (HONG KONG) Limited