GAC MOTOR to Introduce Three Flagship Models to Chile, Accelerating Its Expansion to the South American Market

2020-11-11 16:21 622

SANTIAGO, Chile, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC MOTOR will enter the Chile market with its flagship models GS3, GS4, and GA4 on November 19. What kind of mass fervor will these three blockbuster models set off in Chile? Supported by world-class R&D system and intelligent manufacturing strength, GAC MOTOR enjoys an excellent global reputation due to the outstanding quality and service, which helped it won consumers' trust from different regions. Many South American users are highly anticipating a fresh new mobility experience that GAC MOTOR will bring to the market.

GAC MOTOR is a wholly owned brand of the Fortune Global 500 Guangzhou Automobile Group Co, Ltd., and has been expanding rapidly since it entered the market in 2008 as one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. Aiming at integrating the world's most cutting-edge scientific and technological resources, GAC has also set up R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Detroit and will continue to carry out its scientific and technological R&D oriented to the markets and consumers, and continuously breakthrough technical bottlenecks.

Benefiting from its good reputation of high quality, GAC MOTOR has been growing fast in the global market in recent years and extended to 26 countries and regions. Since 2013, it has landed in South American countries, including Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Panama, and has been highly acknowledged by local media and consumers.

Cooperating with SKBerge, GAC MOTOR introduces GS3, GS4, and GA4 into the Chile market as part of South America's overall market strategy that will accelerate its expansion in this market. GAC MOTOR set up a consolidated sales and service system in Chile in 2010, providing high-tech, high-quality products and "customer first" quality service, comprehensively creating a pleasant travel experience for users.

The fashionable and powerful SUV GS3, the internationally leading SUV GS4, and the high-end sedan GA4 will be introduced to the Chile market. These three are all top classic works of GAC MOTOR, which can meet diversified travel demands of different consumer groups, becoming reliable choices for Chilean consumers and are expected to set off a new trend there.

What are the unique features of GAC MOTOR's three new models, and how will they impress the Chile market? What pleasant surprises will GAC MOTOR present to the local consumers? All will be unveiled on November 19.

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