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GALLERIA Happy Star Lighting Ceremony Concert

2018-12-28 11:53
-1001 star-shaped lights glow, as if in a dream

SHANGHAI, Dec. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- South Korea's high-end wedding club GALLERIA recently held a grand and romantic "GALLERIA Happy Star lighting ceremony and symphony concert". DONG, founder of GALLERIA, HAHA, famous hip-hop singer of South Korea, hundreds of guests and journalists from more than 30 leading fashion media outlets attended the event, witnessing the dream-like moment when 13,140 crystal lights were simultaneously lit in a magnificent symphony, announcing the official start of GALLERIA's romantic season. The ceremony was inspired by the 58-year-old Christmas lighting ceremony in London's Oxford Street. GALLERIA, in a bold and innovative move, turned the romantic wedding hall into a fantasy and fairytale world, resplendent with Christmas decorations and a lavish symphony orchestra.

Scene from the GALLERIA Lighting Ceremony
Scene from the GALLERIA Lighting Ceremony


Scene from the GALLERIA Lighting Ceremony
Scene from the GALLERIA Lighting Ceremony


Famous South Korean hip-hop singer HAHA
Famous South Korean hip-hop singer HAHA

On the evening of the event, seven couples who celebrated their nuptials at GALLERIA shared their happy wedding experiences. A world-class 18-member symphony orchestra from Europe performed the Christmas carol "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". In a charming interplay of bright lights and shadows, GALLERIA's high-end wedding club felt radiant with Christmas magic among the countless surprises: a Thomas train bringing much fun and cheer to the children, a warm and romantic carousel, classic Tiffany mini cars, and a replica of the isle of Guam's famous St. Laguna Chapel. The GALLERIA light and shadow show was breathtakingly thrilling. The "Fall in Love" limited series of new products specially designed for the Christmas season so enamored guests that each clamored to have their photo taken with the product display as the backdrop. On the heels of a similar event with luxury jewelry and watch brand Chopin in Switzerland, GALLERIA reached across the world to join hands with leading luxury car brand BMW to stage a noteworthy addition to the event: at the lighting ceremony, the car maker not only displayed the latest 7-series high-end cars, but also prepared a number of gifts jointly offered by several participating brands, augmenting the feeling and aura of luxury on the beautiful night.

As a leading wedding brand, GALLERIA has designed a series of fashion events, all of which became immediate hits on social platforms upon launch. From Bea Hayden and Orfila Wu acting as creative wedding planners to the Galleria Island Wedding Carnival endorsed and inaugurated by Dong Gun Jang as well as the exclusive concerts for newlyweds held by Kenji Wu, Victor Wong (a.k.a. Pin Kuan) and Jordan Chan, GALLERIA has always been committed to redefining the high-end wedding experience with art, fashion and vibrancy. The luxurious and fashionable wedding hall, the private garden replete with floral arrangements, exotic island scenes, as well as the swings and bird's nests from the island of Bali that have all proven popular on Instagram have fulfilled the dreams that many couples have had for a beautiful and loving wedding. A successful, festive wedding gives rise to a stronger sense of love. Galleria's high-end wedding club has created a magnificent and beautiful Christmas-like dreamland and festive winter event in Shanghai.

During the After Party session, famous South Korean hip-hop singer HAHA put on an ultracool stage performance, setting the audience on fire. HAHA wore a black suit jacket and ripped trousers, which, combined with a pair of fashionable gold-rimmed glasses, magnified the energy that exuded from his thrilling performance. His dancing in time with the music was so sexy and full of tension that the audience couldn't help but start to move with the rhythm. At this dreamlike moment, HAHA also expressed his warm wishes, "I hope you can enjoy the Happy Star moment as well as the joy and beauty of the festival. May all new couples fulfill their dreams of having the best wedding in a wonderfully artistic and romantic setting."

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